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Your guide to heating

One of the basic pleasures of modern life is the heated home, and we supply all sorts of heaters and radiators to achieve that end. Whether you need a quick and portable source of heat or a longer term solution, we can offer you appliances that are both stylish and effective.

In addition, we also offer electric blankets and other heated bedding to create a warm and welcoming bed.

Which heater is the one for you?

Fan heatersFan heaters

The fastest heaters, ideal for topping up heat in a chilly room. Some even include “cool blow” feature to act as a fan, giving a perfect two-in-one solution.

Fan heaters are smaller than other heaters and are easily stowed away between uses.



Radiators are more durable than other portable heaters, giving strong radiant heat so heating people rather than just the air.

They are ideal for longer term use, especially when investing in central heating radiators.


Convector heatersConvector heaters

Swift to heat and quieter than a fan heater, some convector heaters can even be wall mounted. Best in medium to large rooms.


Electric fires

Electric firesElectric fires are the most obviously stylish heat source for a room.

All can be assembled at home without professional help- and no chimney is required!


Common features to look for:

  • Max. heat output- This is the maximum power output of the product measured in kW.
    • •   The higher the heat output the more warmth that can be produced at a time.
    • •   NB: energy consumption rises with heat output.
  • Heat settings- The number of heat settings on the product.
    • •   The greater the number of settings the more temperature control you have.
  • Variable thermostat- allows you to set your desired temperature for the room.
    • •   This will conserve energy as the heater will cycle on and off once it has reached the set temperature.
  • Frost protection is useful for outside storage or use in the garden shed etc.
  • Safety shut off feature - this makes for greater peace of mind against overheating.
    • •   Fan and halogen heaters will also cut out if tilted.
  • Timer- gives you control over the amount of time that the appliance is turned on for.


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