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Your guide to golf equipment

Whether you’re just getting started with golf or want to move up to the next level, we’ve put this guide together to help you find the golfing equipment you’ll need.

Anyone can enjoy golf, but to get the best out of the game, you’ll need the right equipment, clubs, bags and accessories:

Golf Clubs

Each type of golf club has a different loft – or angle – of the club head, which produces shots of varying heights and distances. Here’s our quick guide to the different kinds of clubs found in sets:

woodsGolf Drivers/woods

Woods are generally used for distant shots from the tee or the fairway. They feature a larger, deeper club head that is angled to control trajectory and distance. Most golfers carry three or four woods in their bag: a driver (sometimes known as a 1-wood) which hits the ball the furthest but is also the hardest to hit, and two from a 3-, 4- or 5-wood. As with most golf clubs, woods are progressive, so a 3-wood will go further than a 4-wood and so on. Woods are available up to 11 but these are less common.

rescue woodsRescue woods/hybrids

These combine elements of woods and irons and are easier to hit. They’re great for golf beginners and intermediates as they are more forgiving while still allowing for improvement.

ironsGolf Irons

Generally, irons are used for shots on the fairway and from the rough, but they can also be used for tee shots, particularly on par-3 holes (each hole on a golf course is classified by the number of shots it should take to get the ball in the hole). Irons have smaller, thinner club heads with a grooved face and are numbered progressively, like woods. The higher the number the greater the loft, which means lower numbers hit the furthest but are harder to hit with. Pitching and sand wedges are also classed as irons and feature in many golfers’ bags.

puttersGolf Putters

Used on the green to putt the ball into the hole.

Golf Bags

bagsA golf bag is a must-have item – it’s where you’ll store your clubs in between games, and how you’ll carry them out onto the course. They come in two types:

  • Stand golf bags are easy to carry and have extending legs for convenience.
  • Trolley golf bags tend to be larger with extra storage and are great for golfers who prefer a pull-along bag.

Golf balls

golf ballsThese have small dimples all over the surface, designed to increase turbulence behind the golf ball as it moves through the air, helping it to fly further. We range from recovered lake balls ideal for the beginner to golf balls with a tungsten core for long distance shots.

Golf Tees

teesTees come in various shapes and lengths – long tees are suitable for woods and position the ball higher off the ground; shorter tees are suitable for irons and are less easy to break. Choose from wood or plastic tees.

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