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How do I choose which Ebook reader to buy?

There are a few important things to consider:

Screen size and Text Size The larger the screen the more text it can hold. On most Ebook readers you can also adjust the text size, so If you prefer to read from larger text, it's a good idea to go for a larger screen size.
Connectivity How do you want to download your books? You can use your computer to download Ebooks online then transfer them to your reader using a USB cable. Most Ebook readers also come with built in WiFi for easy downloads directly onto your device. Some also come with 3G so that you can download content on the go.
Memory This is usually shown by the number of books the Ebook reader will store but this is only a guide as the length of books can differ enormously. If you think you'll need more storage (or would like the option to add some later on), look for an Ebook reader with a memory card slot.
Battery life This can be shown in hours or page turns. Some Ebook readers choose to refer to page turns because their screens consume very little power other than to perform this function. Your connectivity and downloads will impact your battery life but as long as you don't have your WiFi on constantly, you could go weeks without needing to recharge.
Screen Types Ebook readers use an 'electronic ink' display. This is designed to be easier to read in sunlight and from different angles - this is an advantage over glossy LCD screens found on tablets, phones and laptops. You should also look out for models with a built in light, allowing you to read in low lit rooms or in bed.
Formats supported Before you buy your Ebook reader it's important to check which formats it supports. This is because the file types of Ebooks can vary depending on which Ebook store you buy them from. The more formats the better but ePub is one of the most commonly used formats across Ebook readers and Ebook stores. It's also worth noting that a lot of free content available is in an Adobe PDF format, so look out for this too.
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