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Do I need any accessories?

When you buy your Ebook reader you should receive everything you need to get started. There are some optional Ebook reader accessories available:

  • Ebook reader caseEbook Screen protectors - These can protect against scratches and dirt whilst some also resist glare and finger prints.
  • Ebook Cases - These come in lots of different styles and can make your Ebook reader look and feel more like a real book. Look out for ones that also prop your Ebook reader upright for hands free reading and there are also lightweight versions which go on like a 'skin' - similar to many phone cases.
  • Ebook reader caseEbook Adaptors and chargers - Ebook readers come with a USB cable for charging directly from your computer. If this isn't convenient, there are adaptors available to allow you to simply plug it into a normal wall socket.
  • Ebook Lights - If you're not buying an Ebook reader with a built in light but think it might be something you would use on occasion, then you can get a separate clip on light for reading in low lit rooms or in bed.

For your piece of mind, you could consider Breakdown Care or Replacement Product Care for your Ebook reader.

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