Diamonds can be used to celebrate and mark special occasions
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Ring Settings

The setting of a diamond into a piece of jewellery can greatly enhance the stone's beauty and brilliance. There are a number of different types of settings to choose from.

  • Claw - The stone is held in place by four or more metal strips, which are folded over the edge of the stone like claws.
  • Illusion - For small stones, this setting is used to give the illusion that the stone is larger than it is. The stone is gripped in the centre of an engraved illusion disc, which is then itself set, often with claws, into the piece of jewellery.
  • Star - Occasionally used in signet rings for setting a small stone into a flat surface. The stone is held by four or more small beads of metal raised from the flat surface.
  • Rub-over - Often used in signet rings, for setting flat or roman topped and cabochon stones.
  • Pavé - A classic stone setting in diamond jewellery. Multiple small stones are set close together and very close to the surface of the piece, making it look like the jewellery has been paved in gemstones.
  • Channel - A type of stone setting often used when mounting a number of small stones of the same size in a row, as in a diamond wedding ring or eternity ring. Instead of each stone being held by its individual set of prongs, the stones are fitted into the channel and held in place on each side by a continuous strip of metal.

Diamond Sourcing

Conflict diamonds is a term for rough diamonds that are used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. The Kimberley Process is an international government initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. This came into effect in 2003.

Argos requires its suppliers to confirm that to the best of their knowledge, they do not source diamonds from conflict regions. Suppliers must also ensure that there is an audit trail is in place and that the origin of the diamonds is established.

Argos is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and has a commitment to promote responsible business practices in their jewellery supply chain.

Caring for diamonds

A clean diamond has a beautiful sparkle. Skin oils, soap and cosmetics can dull your diamond's natural brilliance, so to keep that dazzling shine it's advisable to keep them clean.

Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place and try not to keep pieces of diamond jewellery together as they can scratch each other and cause chipping. Instead, keep them stored in separate boxes or wrapped in tissue paper.

We offer a range of cleaning products to keep your diamonds looking beautiful.

Argos also offer a wonderful collection of engagement, wedding and eternity rings and a free cleaning service in store to keep all your jewellery looking sparkling new. So why not pop into your local store and have all your Argos jewellery professionally cleaned for free.


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