Your guide to curtains and blinds

You can instantly enhance or update a room by adding the right curtains or blinds. Adding a stylish pair of ready-made curtains can bring the whole room together and create a finished look. At the same time, blinds can be very eye-catching with more of a practical edge.

Deciding on the right curtains and blinds can make a dramatic difference to both the appearance and feel of a room.

  • Do you want the window dressing to be the focus of the room by injecting colour?
  • Or do you need the solution to be more neutral so you can change your furniture without having to replace the curtains?

We've got a wide range of curtains, blinds and all the accessories you need to suit any window and any space.

Helping you choose what's right for your home

Before deciding on a particular type of curtain or blind it's worthwhile considering what you are trying to achieve in the room. Are you looking for practicality, a brand new style for your room or maybe a little of both?

Are you trying to keep a room cosy in the evenings or shading a child's bedroom from early morning sunshine? Deciding on your room's requirements from the beginning will help you make the right product choice - ensuring you get the most from your window furnishing.

Looking at the appearance and size of your window is a great way to decide on the most suitable type of furnishing.

  • Heavier curtains - draw the eye, transforming a large window into a furnished feature.
  • Lighter blinds - can add subtlety, making a small window appear larger.

Curtains or blinds - what's perfect for you?

Both types of window dressing offer a variety of different benefits and features. We've outlined the key advantages of each option below.

curtainsCurtains are great for:

  • Decorative flair - sumptuous full-length curtains made from one of our range of luxurious fabrics adds the finishing touch to furnishing any room.
  • Protecting upholstery - voiles and curtains act as a great way to protect soft furnishings from exposure to direct sunlight, helping minimise the risk of sun fade on delicate materials.
  • Keeping the room warm - drawing curtains can help eliminate draughts and wasted heat, helping to reducing fuel costs and being more energy efficient.

Blinds are great for:

  • blindsPracticality - easy to fit and even easier to use - you can even trim some types of blinds to fit specific window sizes.
  • Value - blinds offer a great economical solution for effective and attractive window dressing.
  • Space saving - with no need for holdbacks or poles, blinds are less obtrusive than curtains and ideal for small windows or recesses.
  • Extra Humidity - rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms are prone to higher humidity and condensation. Blinds are fantastic for these rooms as they are more suited to withstand these conditions.
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