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Your guide to Conservatories

Have you been thinking about adding space to your home? Do you feel an extension would be too costly, or take up too much of your garden? Then why not consider a conservatory? Whether you require a new dining area, a play area or office space, it is the perfect solution.

A conservatory will add living space to your home, while also making the most of your garden and adding value to your home, but at a much lower cost than an extension.

Choosing your Conservatory

Conservatory styles

Our conservatories are available in three styles:

Victorian conservatories

Victorian conservatoriesIdeal for a roomier feel - would make a great dining room.

  • Three sided design.
  • Feature a multi-faceted bay end.
  • Has an attractive decorative finial and roof cresting.
  • Various options for door locations.
  • Has a 25 degree pitched roof.
Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian conservatoriesIdeal for all types of property, these conservatories have a modern, sturdy feel.

  • Three sided design.
  • Doors can be located on any of its three sides.
  • Has a 25 degree pitched roof.
Traditional conservatories

Traditional conservatoriesSometimes called a lean-to, these conservatories suit most house styles, especially single storey buildings with low eaves.

  • Three sided design.
  • Doors can be located on any of its three sides.
  • Has a 5 degree pitched roof.

Conservatory sizes

One factor to check and double-check before you make your order is the size of the conservatory that you've chosen and how it will fit into your outside space.

Be aware that any existing structures such as manhole covers and drainage pipes will need to be relocated, so it's an idea to have a word with your builder about the extra time and cost it would mean to deal with such elements.

A good way to check that your space will take your chosen conservatory is to mark out the relevant dimensions with string and bamboo canes.

  • Please note that all sizes refer to external brick dimensions and the height is measured from the floor to the external roof ridge, and does not include finials and cresting.

The following table shows the conservatory styles and sizes available*.

  Width Depth Height
Traditional - Small 2415 2338 2441
Traditional - Medium 3158 2338 2441
Traditional - Large 3901 2338 2441
Traditional - Extra Large 4644 2338 2441
Victorian - Small 3274 2919 3002
Victorian - Medium 3274 3552 3002
Victorian - Large 3444 3742 3042
Edwardian - Small 3158 2338 2975
Edwardian - Medium 3158 3081 2975
Edwardian - Large 3158 3824 2975
Edwardian - Extra Large 3158 4567 2975

*Sizes shown in millimeters

Conservatory Panel Heights

Argos conservatories are available with panels in two heights.

Full height conservatories:

  • Have glass panels that extend from floor to ceiling
  • Provide the best view of the garden
  • Are quick to install
  • Have limited walls against which to position furniture.

Dwarf wall conservatories:

  • Give a more permanent feel
  • Smooth transition from home to conservatory
  • More cost effective to heat
  • Various options for positioning power sockets and radiators.
  • Require a 525mm wall on which to rest the structure
  • Dwarf wall height cannot be varied


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