Can openers and corkscrews
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Buying guide for Can openers and corkscrews

Can openers and corkscrews can be found among the kitchen gadgets.

Can openers

Manual Can OpenerEven with the advent of ring-pull cans, most tinned food still needs opening with a can opener. We supply a range to suit your needs and your budget- and with a touch of style to boot!




What features should I look for?

  • Hand-operated tin openers are simple and need no batteries.
  • Electric can openers need very little effort.
    • Ideal for those with grip or mobility problems.
    • Jar openers also exist in similar form.
    • Batteries required.
  • Models that we supply hold the tin lid until released for easier and safer disposal.
  • Watch out for any sharp edges when you have opened the tin.


Automatic corkscrewThe one key accessory for the wine lover, we supply corkscrews to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.

  • Manual corkscrews have been around as long as corks themselves.
    • All will fit any cork in a bottle.
    • Bottle openers are sometimes built in.
  • Automatic models need no effort from you.
    • Excellent if you have mobility problems or just need a little assistance.
    • Some models incorporate foil cutters.
    • Batteries are required.




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