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Introduction to camping and hiking

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Your guide to camping and hiking

Whether you're new to camping or a dedicated adventurer, we've got all the tents, sleeping bags and camping equipment you'll need for the perfect trip. There's also a great range of outdoor hiking gear that will help get you out into the countryside. Look out for kids camping equipment with colourful tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks and accessories.

Choosing a tent

Before you settle on a tent, have a think about where you’re likely to go camping and how many people it needs to sleep. Larger tents with separate rooms are great for family camping holidays while smaller pop-up tents are best for festivals.

Dome tents

The most common tent type, dome tents have a large, spacious area inside and a really strong structure to withstand all the elements. The larger dome tents often have separate bedrooms making them perfect for family camping holidays. They come in a full range of sizes that sleep between two and 12 people.

Dome tents

Teepee tents

For a funky alternative look and extra headroom, go for a teepee tent. They come with doors, windows and air vents and sleep two, four or 12 people.

Teepee tents

Pop-up tents

Fantastic for festivals or weekends with friends, pop-up tents can be put up in seconds and come in a great range of funky designs and colours to help you stand out from the crowd.

Pop up tent

Multi-purpose tents

Designed to give you extra storage, living space or a place to shelter or change on the beach, multi-purpose tents are a great addition to your camping kit. Not suitable for sleeping.

multi-purpose tents

How much space do I need in my tent?

Manufacturers usually give the estimated number of people that a tent can sleep, but remember that this is just a rough guide and that you need to think about storage and living space as well as sleeping arrangements. A two-person tent may be cosy, but it might not be big enough for both of your belongings.

Useful camping accessories

If you’re planning a camping trip, a tent, sleeping bag and mat are the bare essentials – but we also have loads of other accessories for added comfort.


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