MP3 Players

Part of the digital revolution, an MP3 player gives you the opportunity to store potentially hundreds - or even thousands of your favourite songs on one small portable machine.

MP3 basically compresses music into a small amount of space, without loss of quality. Data is stored on internal memory that can be recorded again and again. The greater the memory the more music you can store.

When choosing the best player there are several choices available to consider depending on your requirements - how many songs do you want to store at any one time, is it for listening to music on the move or in the gym, or for keeping your entire CD collection in one place?

Hard drive player - allows you to store hundreds of hours of music as it has a huge memory capacity. Navigating through it is easy, by means of an LCD display. Although this model is very portable, it is larger and heavier that a compact flash-based model.

Portable solid state - completely shockproof, no internal moving parts, compact and ultra lightweight.

The number of songs you have on your player is limited by the size of its memory. Some models allow you to increase your memory options by purchasing additional memory cards to increase built in memory. Some of these cards can share information between MP3 players, digital cameras, palmtop computers.

Additional features on an MP3 player can include FM stereo radio, digital camera, video recorder, data and digital photo storage, voice recorder and built in speakers.


  • PSS (Portable Solid State) - Completely shockproof, no internal moving parts, compact and ultra lightweight.
  • HDD (Hard disk drive) - Higher memory capacity than PSS but internal moving parts make it less durable and therefore not shockproof.
  • HOURS PLAYBACK - Average battery life
  • IN LINE REMOTE - Control over volume / playback. For handy access when the player is in a bag.
  • MP3 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III) - A music compression format that reduces the amount of memory needed to store songs digitally.
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) - A musical compression format that enables you to save double the music in half the capacity of MP3.