Games Consoles

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Next Generation Consoles

The latest in portability, allowing gaming on the move wherever you are, with a variety of packages deals available on all formats to help you start playing immediately.

PlayStation 3 - Sony's Playstation 3 (PS3) games console is the most advanced ever, designed for you to enjoy the next generation of entertainment in your home.

Wii - Nintendo Wii will change the way that you play games for ever. With the Nintendo Wii, you can be immersed in the game yourself by the unique features of the controller.

Handheld Consoles

The latest in portability, allowing gaming on the move wherever you are, with a variety of packages deals available on all formats to help you start playing immediately.

PSP (Playstation Portable) - Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation Portable (PSP) offers more than just gaming on the go - this handheld entertainment system also allows you to enjoy high-quality full motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio as well as 3D games:

  • 4.3inch widescreen high resolution TFT screen (480x272 pixels)
  • Graphics rendering capability comparable to that of the PS2
  • Built-in stereo speakers and exterior headphone connector
  • Watch movies on Universal Media Discs (UMD)
  • Play music via Memory Stick Duo
  • USB compatible, allowing you to view digital photos
  • Wireless LAN - enables users to connect to the Internet and play online via a Wireless Network (connect up to 16 PSPs)

Nintendo DS - With fantastic 3D graphics and a stack of innovative new features, the Nintendo DS offers the cutting edge in portable gaming. The sleek, stylish design of the DS is sure to impress, while a selection of awesome new titles plus full compatibility with the gigantic back catalogue of Game Boy Advance games gives you access to a range of gaming greats.

Dual Screen Action

Plus, the Nintendo DS combines dual screen action with touch screen interaction, providing the player with a unique gaming experience. The system also allows the latest wireless communication technology, allowing gamers to join friends in multiplayer games, or use the system's embedded PictoChat software to send messages and drawings to each other.

Touch Screen Technology

The DS' lower screen utilises touch screen technology - the first time such a feature has ever appeared on a handheld console. With the power of touch you can control the action with your finger, or the DS stylus that's included with every console. Draw pictures or write messages and send them to your friends, control on-screen action with more finesse than ever before, or navigate menus instantly at the touch of a fingertip.

Gameboy Advance (GBA) - There are currently two incarnations of Nintendo's ever evolving GameBoy system; the stylish GameBoy Advance SP as well as its new cousin, the Game Boy Micro, which is the smallest and sleekest GameBoy ever created - perfect for gaming on the go!Available in a range of different colours and designs, both models feature all the power of the original GameBoy Advance, so you're assured great gameplay, graphics and sound. What's more, they're compatible with most GameBoy Colour games as well, giving access to a huge catalogue of gaming greats, past, present and future, including Nintendo favourites such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon.

GameBoy Micro - Thinner than a mobile phone, the smallest ever GameBoy measures a mere 4 inches (10cm) wide, 2 inches (5 cm) tall and 0.7 inches (1.8cm) deep. Not only is it super slim, it only weighs 2.8 ounces, which is the equivalent to about 80 paper clips. Yet despite its small stature, the GameBoy Micro has the same processing power as the GBA SP as well as a 2 inch backlit screen, which can be adjusted for brightness to adapt toindoor lights or outdoor sunshine.

GameBoy Advance SP - The ever popular pocket size GameBoy Advance SP offers all the power of the original GBA SP plus a flip-top screen with integrated screen light as well as a rechagreable battery allowing portable play for up to 10 hours (or up to 18 hours without the screen light).

High Performance Consoles

As well as the handheld consoles, Argos offer all of the most popular high performance consoles, including the forthcoming Xbox 360, with great value package deals available on all three to help get you up and running straightaway.

Xbox 360 - The ulitmate in gaming and entertainment, the Xbox 360 delivers unrivalled power, the best games and the next generation of Xbox Live for online play. There are two options available when buying the Xbox 360:,

Xbox 360 Full System - If you're a serious gamer looking for a serious console, look right here. this has everything you need to get the most from your XBox 360 straight out of the box, including:

  • 20GB detachable hard drive
  • Wireless controller
  • Headset
  • Ethernet connectivity cable
  • XBox Live Silver (broadband required)

Xbox 360 Core System - Alternatively, the Xbox 360 Core System allows you to plug in the console and controller and get ready to play. then it's up to you what extras you add and when - it's expandable to the full Xbox 360 experience with seperately available accessories (such as detachable hard drive, headset and media remote).

Playstation 2 - Sony's flagship console has recently been redesigned and now comes in a sleek new slimline design, while maintaining all the features of the original PS2:

  • Amazing surround sound
  • Incredible graphics and gameplay
  • Watch DVD movies through the built in DVD player
  • Listen to CDs
  • Play Playstation/PS One games
  • Expandable through 2 USB ports (allows optional modem connection to Sony's online broadband gaming service)
  • Huge catalogue of games available to suit all tastes and ages, from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Madagascar

Xbox - Microsoft's original console remains a truly powerful gaming machine:

  • Great graphics powered by a 733Mhz processor
  • It's not just games - watch DVDs too (additional DVD remote required)
  • More advanced sound with Dolby Digital 5.1
  • More music - put your favourite tracks into games
  • Hard drive eliminates the need for external memory card
  • Four controller ports for frantic multi-player action
  • Broadband capability allows you to link up to Microsoft's online gaming service, Xbox Live
  • Great variety of games available, from Halo 2 to Simpsons Hit and Run

Gamecube - While not offering the DVD playback of the PS2 and Xbox, this dedicated gaming machine still packs a wealth of features into its small frame:

  • Superb graphics
  • Four player ports
  • Unique connectivity with Game Boy Advance on selected titles
  • 2 slots for memory cards
  • Unique Nintendo games such as Mario Sunshine and Legend of Zelda