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Choosing a dishwasher

A dishwasher is a fantastic kitchen appliance which will to save time and effort in the kitchen. We have a brilliant range to choose from, including energy efficient models. However much you want to spend, whatever your lifestyle, there's a dishwasher to suit you. Here's your guide to help you choose the right one.

How to choose

The kind of dishwasher you go for will depend on the space you have available at home and how much you're going to use it. Here are just a few things to bear in mind:

  • Dishwasher Size
    dishwasherIt goes without saying that you should measure where you'd like your dishwasher to go before you buy - and there are basically three different shapes of dishwasher available to fit your space. A full-size dishwasher takes up the most room, while slim-line models are narrower - great if floor space is at a premium. Finally, if you're very short on space and only need a dishwasher occasionally, you might want to go for a tabletop model that can sit on your worktop.

  • Built-in or freestanding dishwasher?
    Before you choose your dishwasher, consider how your kitchen is set up. Freestanding dishwashers are best if you already have the space allocated and if you need to move the dishwasher at any time such as living in rented accommodation. If you have a fitted kitchen, going for an integrated dishwasher will give the room a seamless look.

  • Dishwasher Capacity
    A larger household - where there are a lot of dishes to clean after every meal - will need a dishwasher with a much larger capacity than a single person who might struggle to fill it regularly. If you're unsure, check how many place settings the dishwasher can hold. A full-size one can normally take 12 place settings at a time, while a slim-line dishwasher can usually take nine. A tabletop dishwasher can typically hold four place settings.

  • Special features
    Most dishwashers give you a few different programmes to choose from, depending on your needs. These will normally include a standard cycle, a rinse only cycle and an eco cycle that takes a bit longer but uses less energy. Some feature an extra fast setting, glass-only setting or pre-wash for baked-on food. Some models also incorporate a baby cycle - an intensive wash designed to clean and remove harmful bacteria from items used to feed babies and small children.

    Dishwashers are also available with fuzzy logic - technology that means they're able to measure the load and adjust the programme, temperature and water consumption accordingly.

    Other useful features to look for include a delay timer and sensors that make sure the temperature, water pressure and the length of cycles are optimised, for perfect results. Quiet settings reduce the speed and pressure of the wash to cut down noise - some go as low as 42dB - as quiet as a boiling kettle. You can also choose dishwashers with an anti-bacterial rinse or high temperature programme. Both will make sure your dishes are as safe as possible for you and your family to use, although using a dishwasher will always be more hygienic than washing up by hand.

    Flexible racking is also an important feature. It's sometimes difficult to wash bulky or awkward shaped items in a dishwasher, so some models now come with a range of removable baskets and fold-down racks to choose from that will make things easier.

Saving Energy

Energy efficiency chartAs with other household appliances, dishwashers are given a rating between 'A' and 'G' for energy efficiency, with 'A' being the best. They're also rated 'A'-'G' for their cleaning and drying performance. 'A'-rated washing machines are easy to spot as they bear the Energy Saving Recommended logo on the dishwasher and will be listed in the product details.

Look out for the Energy Saving Recommended mark on 'A'-rated dishwashers. They're usually a little bit more expensive, but choosing one of these is an easy way to make sure both your carbon footprint and your energy bills are as small as possible. To find out more about how you can save energy, check out our Eco guide.


Home Delivery

There is no need to worry about collecting your brand new appliance, we will deliver at a time that suits you. We have a range of delivery services to choose from depending on the type of products you order and also your address. Please see our home delivery page for more information

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