Lightweight folding highchairs

some highchairs fold making them easy to store away when not in use

These chairs are simple in design and as the name suggests, they're light and easy to fold up, making them extremely portable and ideal for travelling and storage. Fold away, compact models are a great idea if you're short of space.

They come with either a fixed easy-clean tray or a detachable one with a number of adjustable positions. Some come with a padded, wipe-clean PVC seat for extra comfort.

When travelling, it's extremely useful to be able to fold up your chair and take it with you. But it can also be useful to be able to move the chair from room to room if you want to keep your baby safe and occupied while you're doing household chores, etc.

Adjustable, multi-function highchairs

These chairs are highly versatile and designed to last your child a long time. Depending on the model, they come with a variety of seat height, multi-recline, footrest and tray positions.

As well as suiting baby, adjustable chairs can help save your back too. Different seat heights can be useful to allow you to sit comfortably to feed your child or to make it the same height as your table.

some highchairs grow with your child as they convert to low chairs

Some multi-function chairs can be converted to a low chair as your child grows, making them useful for longer. By removing the tray and adjusting the seat height, they can be used at the table like a normal chair, as your child grows into a toddler.

Most come with a 5-point harness to safely secure your child and can fold away for easy storage and travel.

Combination or 3-in-1 highchairs

Designed to last your child longer than a traditional highchair, combination or 3-in-1 chairs can convert to a junior dining table and chair as your child grows.

Highchairs without trays

Some highchairs come without trays at all. These can be useful if you want your baby to sit at the table with you. They can often be height adjusted to adapt to different table heights. For safety, it's advisable to invest in an extra harness, as there is no tray in front of your child to secure them safely in place.

Booster seats

booster seats are ideal for eating out and travelling

These attach to a regular dining chair with the straps provided. They're lightweight and extremely portable, making them ideal for eating out or when travelling. Some models even fold flat making storage and transportation even easier. Whilst they help your child sit comfortably at the right height for meal times, many models come with their own tray so they don't have to be used at the table.

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