Getting a new puppy or dog is a very exciting time especially for children and one that brings with it many hours of fun and can teach a child how to care for and nurture a pet. Deciding to have a pet dog or puppy is one which requires consideration, as dogs on average live to 13 years old, becoming a long term member of the family.

Pet Dogs and Puppies can make excellent family pets, choosing the right type of pet dog or puppy for your family is key. The factors below can help you choose the right dog for your family:

  • The dog's breed type - some breeds are obviously more suited to living among families with children (Labrador, Golden Retriever etc.).
  • Where you purchase the dog from (the genetics and bloodlines of the dog).
  • The puppy socialization you and the puppy's breeder provide.
  • The training you provide.
  • How your children are educated to behave around the dog.
  • How much time you will have to walk your dog and how much exercise your dog or puppy needs.
  • The size of house and garden.
  • Is the breed of dog known to be good with children?

Once you have chosen your dog, you will have a great time choosing dog accessories such as a dog bed, new dog bowl, pet collar, lead, tag, dog toys and even dog clothes to make sure your new pet dog or puppy is safe and comfortable in your home.

This pet care guide will provide you with a brief overview of what is involved in looking after your pet but it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a vet or other animal specialist if you have any specific questions.

What I will need for my new puppy or dog?

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