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The processor drives the performance and quality of applications. Our range of products feature Intel or AMD branded processors.


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Random Access Memory is the space available to run programs and files. Higher levels of RAM will enable more activities to be run on the computer simultaneously.


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The computers central storage system. The bigger the hard drive, the more applications and data can be stored.


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A larger screen size makes it easier to frame and view your photos.


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The software that handles the computers basic functions Windows for PCs and Mac for Apple


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154 matching products


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Laptops, and more recently netbooks, have revolutionised computing. Now it's possible to have a netbook that is both small enough to fit into a handbag and is a powerful piece of hardware at the same time. Laptops now have all the power of a desktop computer and are completely portable.

We have a complete range of mobile broadband, portable hard drives, headsets and information on how to clean your laptop, as well as a good collection of laptop bags, cases and skins. We have everything you will need for mobile computing.

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