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When can babies see?

Your baby's vision develops within the first 12 months, yet their vision won't be fully developed until they're 3-5 years old.



Day by day, your baby's vision will improve so they can fully embrace the world around them.

At birth, your baby's eyes can detect light and motion, developing to then identify faces and large shapes. After the first month, a baby can focus on close objects and make eye contact. After five months, it is believed that babies have a good sense of colour.


Encouraging your baby to use their eyes is crucial as it develops the mechanics behind their vision. Fun, bright toys engage your baby to use their vision. Also when relaxing at night, night lights can be great for relaxing baby as they focus on movement and light.


During your baby's development, it might be worth mentioning to your doctor if you notice any of the following signs:


1) If your baby is around 3 to 4 months old and not tracking objects as they move, with both eyes.

2) If your baby is having trouble moving either or both of their eyes, or cannot hold them still.

3) One of your baby's pupils appears white or sensitive to light.



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