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Being market leaders in sports nutrition, we pride ourselves in offering the best in sports supplementation and expert nutritional advice. Our ambition is to help any individual that has a goal to reach higher and push harder.


USN body building supplements

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Designed to enhance your nutritional requirements to advance your progress and recovery.

USN Increase lean muscle

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The right sports nutrition promotes lean muscle development and helps you perform at your best.


image of a woman stretching outside in a park area.

Supplements to support your weight loss goals and shed those extra pounds.

USN shakers and accessories

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Featuring superb ergonomic designs, our shakers and accessories are designed to the highest standards.

USN pre-workout supplements

Image of a man sitting on the grass stretching his leg mussles.

Our pre-workout supplements are formulated to give you more energy during intense workout sessions.

USN post-workout supplements

Image of a man in the gym flexing his muscles.

These supplements ensure your body gains essential nutrients necessary for post-workout recovery.


Our BCAA Power Punch offers you a tasty supplement which is designed to support your training goals. Formulated to help reduce fatigue and give you that extra boost during your intense workout sessions.

Every training session should push you, the challenge you set yourself is how far you can push back. The USN BCAA Power Punch offers a fantastic blend to consume during your workout aimed at supporting your performance levels.

  • Supports Performance Levels
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
  • Great Tasting Intra-Workout Supplement

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