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Triton. The UK's shower company. See you first thing Britain.

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At Triton, we're proud to be known as `The UK's Shower company´. Having produced expertly engineered, innovative shower designs for the British public since 1975, we've been an important part of your first thing routine for over 40 years.

See you first thing Britain

In Britain, a shower is like a cup of tea - everyone takes it differently. You've got the singers who love to linger, the go-getter who are out before they've got much wetter, the exotic lot who like it hot and many, many more.

Having been around since 1975, we understand and celebrate these differences, which is why we produce so many different shower types.

Each part of our range has its own unique benefits which are bound to make first thing a time to look forward to.

The only question is - which shower type are you...?

What's your first thing?

What's your first thing?

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