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Tots Town

Nestled deep in Chad Valley you will find the Little Tots of Tots Town,
a place where imagination comes to life and playtime
is a never-ending story.

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All Aboard
the Pirate Ship

The Tots Town Pirate Ship has lots of fun features such as Pirate sounds, a booming cannon, light up lantern and a roll up anchor

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Sirens at the
Fire Station

The Tots Town Fire Station playset includes a moveable cherry picker, flashing lights and realistic fire station sounds.

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Party at the
Princess Castle

The Tots Town Princess Castle playset perfect for all prince and princesses, with lots of realistic lights and sounds and lots of accessories.

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Wild time on the
Safari Train

The Tots Town Safari Train Playset will be the main attraction, with animals, closable enclosures, realistic sounds and accessories'

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  • Stars

    Chad Valley Tots Town
    Fire Station Playset

    My little one loves the sounds that it makes and all the accessories. It is really well made and durable, I can see it lasting a long time. The figures and accessories are nice and chunky so great for small toddler hands to grasp.12/08/2017 - tpainting

  • Stars

    Chad Valley Tots Town
    Safari Train Playset

    The train track is really simple to assemble, it just slots together. The train makes lots of sounds and glides around the track easily. There are loads of animals and enclosures, and even accessories like themed animal hats that fit the little people. 23/07/2017 - StephieS

  • Stars

    Chad Valley Tots Town
    Cottage Playset

    I love the realistic effect of this set, from the movable door to the door bell and the kitchen sound effects. There is enough space for everything and more tots to join the family. A very good set for cognitive development.21/07/2017 - Bethargos

  • Stars

    Chad Valley Tots Town
    Food Truck Playset

    We love the food truck! Comes with a little table and chairs so the tots can sit outside the truck and eat. The truck runs smoothly on the floor so nobody falls out and all can be stored inside the truck too for easy, portable storage. 27/07/2017 - Jordlaurie

  • Stars

    Chad Valley Tots Town
    Tots - 5 Pack

    5 different tots so can be used in All of the different sets. Good quality and good size for little hands to play with.01/08/2017 - Joanna

New Hat
New Adventure

Tots town playsets offer a mix of roles and adventures that little tots can join with by putting on the extra hats that come with selected playsets.

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