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Swimming kit

Take the plunge with swimming essentials and waterproof fitness trackers.

Why is swimming good for you?

Calorie burner

Just 30 minutes of steady swimming can burn between 200 and 350 calories.

Quick wins

30 minutes of exercise in the water is the equivalent of approximately an hour's non-water exercise.


Swimming is good for the heart, great cardio exercise, and perfect for all ages and those recovering from injuries.

Track your swim

Waterproof fitness trackers

These can be used to record your swims, automatically registering what stroke type you're doing, the number of laps you've done and your lap time. Some will have all this information presented on the screen, whereas others you will have to log onto an app to see how you did.

Shop waterproof fitness trackers

Swimming accessories and clothing

Why not get the kids involved too?

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