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Get the VAT-back with Sony

Step 1: Buy any selected Sony product. See all selected Sony products
Step 2: Fill in claim form and send to Sony. You will also need to include Product serial number, Original receipt, European Guarantee. Download claim form
Step 3: Receive your cashback!

1. Cashback available only on selected Sony products purchased before 24th December 2010 whilst stocks last.

2. Full price is payable in-store and Sony will refund 14.89% of the retail price you have paid which is equivalent to the VAT by Cashback.

3. Please note that the price that you have paid in the UK includes VAT at the standard 17.5% rate; this is added to the 'net' or 'ex-VAT' price of your Sony product to give you the retail price you paid. Of the overall retail price, VAT constitutes 14.89% not 17.5%.

4. Cashback must be claimed before 31st January 2011.

5. Sony aims to process Cashback claims within 28 days of receipt.

6. Exclusions and maximum claim limits apply; see full Terms & Conditions for details.


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