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SodaStream, it's the smart, simple and fun way to enjoy healthy and environmentally friendly bubbly drinks. No more lugging big bottles back from the supermarket and no more plastic bottles to recycle. Plus you get to make your drink the way you love it, more or less bubbles, more or less flavour, it's your choice!

SodaStream drinkmakers

SodaStream drinksmakers turn tap water into sparkling water and soda in seconds, from as little as 17p a litre. Choose from a range of drinkmakers to suit your style or budget. Take a look SodaStream's latest Source machine with an LED display or opt for their space saving Genesis machine.

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SodaStream flavours

SodaStream offers a choice of over 30 different flavours to suit all the families fizzy needs. Choose from colas, fruit flavours, naturals, energy drinks or even cocktails that contain up to 70% less sugar and calories compared to pre-packaged drinks. Or why not try the diet range which is completely sugarfree.

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SodaStream gas

Each SodaStream drinksmaker comes with a 60 litre gas cylinder, making you over 165 cans of fizz! When you run out of gas you can easily exchange your empty cylinder in any Argos store. Simply click and reserve an exchange cylinder online and take your empty into store, saving you 40% compared to buying a spare cylinder. For those hard core fizzers though, we advise you pick up a spare cylinder so you'll never run out of bubbles again!

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SodaStream bottles

Each SodaStream drinksmaker comes with a 1 litre carbonating bottle, which is designed to withstand the pressure of carbonisation and keep your drink fizzy for up to a week! However, to keep the whole family happy and hydrated be sure to stock up on spare bottles. Available in either 1 litre or a handy 500ml size, perfect for on the go fizzy refreshment. Choose from a range of colours and finishes.

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Four easy steps to make your perfect drink - Fill with tap water, add some bubbles, add your flavour and serve

Shop online for SodaStream drinksmakers and accessories at You'll be spoilt for choice with a fantastic range of great drinkmakers, including the compact Genesis machine & a great selection of flavours. Find it. Get it. Argos it.

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