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Give your TV an instant upgrade. Smart Boxes connect your television to the internet, giving you on-demand access to millions of films, TV shows, apps and more.

Setup is simple and the sheer amount of instant content available is incredible.



Apple TV gives you immediate access to thousands of hours of HD movies, TV, music, games from iTunes, and apps like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Now TV.

Apple TV connects straight to your iTunes and iCloud accounts, so all your saved media and photos are instantly accessible. And you can stream content from phones, tablets or laptops straight to your screen.

Apple TV 4th Gen includes touch-pad and voice control, so browsing, searching and enjoying content has never been faster or easier.

Apple's personal assistant Siri is there to help and available in both 32GB and 64GB models, for those who want more storage space.

Apple TV 3rd Gen

Apple TV 4th Gen

Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick
with voice remote


Accessing content with the Fire TV Stick is simple - plug it into your TV and that's it. It takes the functionality of a smart box and transforms it into a small, compact content provider you can use anywhere.

No other smart devices are required. It connects directly to your Amazon accounts, and thanks to a dual core processor it offers amazing speed and performance.

Fire TV stick is now available with a voice control remote option. Just tell it what you want to see and within moments you'll have the results to choose from. The intelligent Alexa voice control system can search content, checks sports results, check the weather, play music and more - all you have to do is ask.


Using a quad core processor, Fire TV brings movies, TV and music to you in a flash and even offers content in glorious 4K Ultra HD. You also get the extra high performance that really makes a difference if you're into gaming.

It instantly connects to your Amazon accounts, including Amazon Cloud Drive and the Amazon music store. Voice control makes searching for content so easy - just say what you want and it'll find it for you.


Now TV delivers entertainment without any subscriptions. Instead you've got the option to purchase entertainment, sports or movie packages when you want them, and for as long as you want them.

Enjoy Sky's exclusive sports coverage as well as an incredible range of TV and movie boxsets. You'll also get free access to Sky's top channels, on-demand services and tons of popular apps.


Chromecast takes anything you can view on your phone, tablet or laptop and sends it direct to your TV with the press of a button. No complicated menus, subscriptions or setups required.

You can watch, view or listen to almost anything you can see on your small screen on your big screen. It's so simple to setup and it takes just seconds to 'cast' content, even if it's in HD.

roku 2

roku 3

Roku Streaming Stick


Roku has more apps than anyone else - more than 2000! You're not tied to any one service provider and can enjoy the ultimate choice of entertainment.

A high performance processor ensures swift, speedy streaming and it's incredibly smooth and simple to use. You can also stream content straight from your other devices direct to your TV screen.

Roku TV 2 has a high-powered processor making browsing and streaming lightning-quick. And their specially designed, multi-channel interface makes searching through the enormous amount of content amazingly quick and easy.

Roku 3 offers the same simple, speedy access to Roku's enormous content library, but has a dual core processor to offer serious power for gamers. You can even use the remote as a motion controller for active gaming.

The remote now comes with voice control that makes searching through their comprehensive range of entertainment even easier. It also has a headphone jack, so you can easily enjoy content while keeping a peaceful home.

Wireless Routers

To get the best from a Smart TV box you'll need a fast wireless router. This will allow you to seamlessly stream content from one device to another without cables and without any waiting.
The more devices using your wireless network all at once, the faster your wireless router will need to be.


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