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Shared Bedroom Ideas

Easy Squeezy!

Clear some space and uncramp their style with our clever kids sharing bedroom ideas. Double base bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers, and great for growing children as they start to crave more space.

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Mission totally possible!

Dress up a dull wall with this cool, DIY camo effect!

Plain white wall in children's bedroom.

Step 1

To start, you'll need a dust mat, brushes, masking tape, a light base coat and 3 shades of colour. Oh, and a pencil!

Blue painted wall in children's bedroom.

Step 2

Get your base coat on the wall first. Wait for it to dry, then measure and mark the middle of the wall with your pencil and tape.

Pencil drawn camouflage design with dark blue painted sections.

Step 3

Draw out your camo shapes in pencil. Mix them up just like proper camouflage. Apply the first colour to the wall.

Camouflage design in dark blue, light blue and white.

Step 4

Apply the rest of the paints, careful to make sure the same colours don't touch. Wait for it to dry and enjoy your victory!

Desk buddies forever

Create a compact study zone by putting two desks together. White designs make the room feel bigger and brighter. While multi-colour drawers help to personalise each section.

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Mesh Refresh

Create a space-saving toy storage shelf out of simple wire netting.

Plain wire rack storage spray painted blue.

Step 1

You will need: wire mesh, spray paint and pipe cleaners. To start, spray the mesh with the paint. Easy.

A pair of hands attaching plastic ties to the wire rack.

Step 2

After the paint is dry, tie the pipe cleaners to the mesh.

A woman adding toys and water guns to the wire rack with plastic ties.

Step 3

Attach stuff to the mesh with the pipe cleaners. Move around to taste.

Finished DIY wire rack toy storage.

Step 4

Survey their new space-saving shelf in all its glory. Tadaaaa!

Splitting pretty

Doll up a divided bedroom without splitting the room in half. Use a plain white backdrop to unify the look, then personalise each section with complementary colours and accessories.

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One wardrobe? No problem. Colour-code sections to keep clothes neat and easy to find.

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Dis-play around

Storage should be fun as well as functional. Check out our pretty, playful clutter-hacks.

Wooden board with knobs for hanging children's necklaces and jewellery.

Hang out

Decorative door-knobs are made for dangling. Hang everything from scarves to jewellery!

Different colour ribbons for hair bands and hair accessories.

All tied up

Tie together multi-colour ribbons to store your hair clips, headbands and other lightweight accessories.

Kids shelf with soft toys.

Swing seat

Squishy toys deserve to be on display! Line them up on wall shelves to show off the collection.

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Create a cool kids room

With these special touches and tidy toy ideas.

Toy storage

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