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Fridge and freezer buying guide

We'll help you to find which fridge or freezer is best for your home.

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Choosing the right size and design

Measuring your space

Measure the width and depth of your available space, and the height if it's under a counter.

Take 2cms off your depth and height measurements (that's for ventilation).

Take 7cms off your width measurement (for ventilation and space to open the door).

What you've got left is how big your fridge or freezer can be.

Which way do the doors open?

Make sure your fridge door opens the way that's most convenient for you to use. Many models have reversible doors, so you can decide which way they open.

What are integrated fridges and freezers? Shop all integrated fridges and freezers

An integrated appliance is designed to sit behind a cupboard door in your kitchen.

This makes everything in your kitchen match. You won't be able to see the fridge or freezer until you open the cupboard door.

How much can I fit in my fridge or freezer?

Fridge or freezer capacity is measured in litres. The average shopping bag can fit about 18 litres.

A fridge that can hold 119 litres can fit approximately 6 and a half bags of shopping inside.

How much space do I really need?

You'll probably use your fridge the most. We've estimated how large a fridge needs to be for different-sized families below.

If you're buying a fridge-freezer, it's best to prioritise getting a fridge compartment that's the right size, even if that leaves you with less freezer space.

If you think you'll need more freezer space, you may need to consider buying a separate stand-alone freezer.

What if I need more space?

Choose an additional fridge or freezer

If you can't find the right balance of space in a fridge-freezer, you should consider buying a separate small fridge, cooler or chest freezer.

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Place a model in an outbuilding

You can place a fridge or freezer in a garage or other outbuilding, but only certain models are suitable. Make sure you check the product description.

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Fridge and freezer features


This prevents frost from building up in a fridge or freezer, and help reduces ice crystals from forming around your food.

Adjustable door racks

Adjust the shelves in the door so you can fit in taller bottles.

Anti-bacterial coating

This helps to stop bacteria from growing, improving hygiene in your fridge.

Fast freeze

Gives you the option to freeze food faster, sealing in more of the freshness

Holiday mode

This fridge-freezer feature allows you to turn off the fridge but keep the freezer on while you're away from home.

Digital controls

This will allow you to view and control temperatures from a control panel. It will also let you know if the door's been left open or if there's a fault.

Smart / WiFi enabled

Use your phone to control temperatures in your fridge or freezer. Some feature a camera so you can view what food you have from any location.

Energy rating

All our fridges are rated from A to A+++, with A+++ being the most energy efficient.

Getting the right temperature for your fridge or freezer

Manual control

The temperature in most fridges and freezers is set manually by a dial. Some fridge-freezers will only let you adjust the fridge temperature, the freezer temperature is fixed.

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Digital control

Models with a digital display will show you the current temperature, and allow you to raise or lower it to the exact temperature you want.

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Flexible temperatures

You can control the temperature in different compartments, so you can get the right temperature for the food you store there. You can even switch compartments from fridge to freezer.

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What temperature should a fridge be?

The ideal temperature is 35°F / 1.6° C. It must be below 40° F / 4.4° C to keep food fresh. Food can start freezing at 32° F /0° C.

What temperature should a freezer be?

The temperature must be below 32° F / 0° C. Food can freeze at higher temperatures, but freshness may not be preserved.

Water and ice dispensers

These fridge-freezers can be connected to your water supply, or they may have a tank that you can fill yourself.

You'll need a professional to connect a fridge with your water supply. We recommend checking before you buy that the connection will be possible in your kitchen.

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Delivery and recycling services

2-man delivery

Many of our fridges are available to deliver next day. We'll bring it straight to the room of your choice.

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For the safety of our customers and colleagues we have temporarily removed our recycling service.

For further information please see here.

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