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Painting and
decorating guide

Get your rollers and brushes ready. Here's our tips on how to paint and decorate your home perfectly inside and out.

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Preparing your walls for painting

Clean, clear and repair so you can get the perfect paint finish.

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Paint & wallpaper stripping

Use a steamer or scraper to remove old wallpaper and paint that's too thick or too bright to paint straight over.

Clean your walls

Get rid of dust, dirt and marks so they don't mix with your new paint and leave stains that could show through.

Sanding & filling

Fill holes, cracks and scrapes then sand any rough areas to give you a flat, even surface to paint on.

Painting seals & undercoats

Brand new walls and old, dirty walls need a base layer so that paint can dry properly and old dirt won't show through.

Painting your home & garden

Here's the basics - if you need more help, visit our guide to paint.

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Painting lounges, bedrooms & halls

Emulsion is perfect for most rooms, but for high-traffic areas and kids' rooms, wipeable eggshell or satin is ideal.

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Painting skirting, doors & doorways

Gloss, silk, satin and eggshell are great wood paints. You can wipe them clean to remove scuffs and fingerprints.

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Wood paints

Paint and protect sheds, fences, gates, benches and more with a variety of beautiful colours.

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Wood stains & fence treatment

Wood treatments add strength and protection for surfaces and retain wood's natural look.

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Upcycling furniture

Transform old or unwanted furniture with specialist paint.

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First thing's first: the chair. Then, you'll need 2 paint colours, brushes, varnish, masking tape, sandpaper, a dust cloth, and music (No one does DIY without music).


Lightly sand down your chair to remove any old paint or lacquer. Apply your base coat to the whole chair, then wait for the paint to dry.


Measure the sections of the chair that you want to apply the second colour to. Use masking tape to mark - this will keep the lines neat.


Apply as many coats as necessary. Wait for it to dry, and apply a protective varnish to keep your new chair looking sharp!

Wallpaper & wall murals

Choose more colours and designs (and hide imperfections too).

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Colour & pattern wallpaper

We have a range of subtle shades and beautiful patterns that are great for decorating a whole room.

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Feature wallpaper

Make a real statement. A feature wall adds a striking focal point that can transform and energise your room's look.

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Wall murals

Instead of patterns, choose a striking picture for a feature wall. Murals are easier to put up and great for kids' rooms.

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Wallpaper tools

Check out the special tools you'll need to hang your wallpaper perfectly.

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Paint brushes, rollers & tools

Pick up all the tools you need to get the perfect finish.

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Paint brushes & rollers

Rollers are for large spaces, brushes for details. Choose a few of each so you've enough for different paints and surfaces.

Paint sprayers

Sprayers are great for outdoor painting – you can cover a wider area faster with consistent results.

Dust sheets & protection

Protect floors and furniture from splashes. Use tape to stop paint getting on the wrong surfaces.


You'll need some steps to help you paint ceilings and high details accurately and safely.

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