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Want to get fit but think you don't have time?
Opti has partnered with LDN Muscle (LDNM) to help you shape up in 2018.

LDNM has created a series of at-home workouts for busy beginners using Opti equipment to build results conveniently and cost-effectively. Whether you're just starting out or perhaps just need a little more advice, we're here to help you achieve your personal best.

Introducing LDN Muscle

The LDNM team got into fitness at university, working out at home to combat the excesses of student life. LDNM started out as a blog before growing into a full-time business, helping people transform their bodies with no-nonsense advice.

Max Bridger

Max was trying to get the body of a Hollywood star, but started to suffer injuries, at least until he made resistance training a priority. He recommends 'bite-sized' workouts throughout the day. It's the best way for people short on time to enhance their fitness.

James Exton

James got into fitness while studying his degree in law, using it as a great way to stay in shape and break up stressful days. He's passionate about sharing sustainable and realistic solutions to fitness: "Some good kit and a little knowhow is all you need."

Lloyd Bridger

Lloyd knows what it's like to exercise and not see results. After years of sports and weights he began to educate himself on the basics of fitness, putting into practice what he had learnt to finally see results. He says finding a way to add exercise into your typical routine is essential, otherwise it never becomes a long-term commitment.

home is where the hench is

Kettlebell Blast (4 minutes):

Don't watch the kettle boil - grab a kettlebell.

20 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises & 2 rounds in total:

- Kettlebell Swings
- Kettlebell Goblet Squats
- Kettlebell Deadlifts
- Weighted Alternating Lunges

Hunger Gains (20 minutes):

While your dinner cooks, grab your kettlebell and dumbbells.

45 seconds exercise, 15 seconds rest between exercises & 4 rounds in total!

- Dumbbell Thrusters
- Alternating Single Arm Kettlebell Swings
- Curl & Arnold Press
- Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
- Bench Dips

Ad Break Blitz (3 minutes):

Don't glare at the ads - burn calories with resistance bands and kettlebell.

30 seconds exercise & then switch exercises with no rest period. Repeat 3 times.

- Resistance Band Lateral Raises & Running on the Spot
- Resistance Band Bicep Curls & Kettlebell Weighted Squat Taps
- Overhead Band Extensions & Star Jumps

Sweat Not Scroll (15 minutes):

Instead of scrolling through Twitter, swap your phone for a swiss ball.

40 seconds exercise & 20 seconds rest between exercises. Complete 3 rounds.

- Swiss Ball Crunches
- Bench Dips
- Swiss Ball Plank
- Mountain Climbers
- Swiss Ball Pikes

boxset burner (25 minutes):

Tempted to ditch exercise for your favourite series? Do both, with dumbbells and a swiss ball.

45 seconds exercise & 15 seconds rest between exercises. Complete 5 rounds.

- Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts
- Sumo Goblet Squats
- Lunge & Bicep Curl
- Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
- Squat Taps

Trade Games for Gains (8 minutes):

Make exercise part of gaming. Press pause and grab dumbbells and resistance bands.

40 seconds per exercise & 20 seconds rest between exercises. Complete 2 rounds.

- Renegade Rows
- Dumbbell Kickbacks
- Resistance Band Bicep Curls
- Dumbbell Arnold Press

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