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Creating a multi-functional living room

For lots of us, the living room has to wear many hats. By day it's the kids play room, come evening time it sets the scene for midweek meals - or even a spare bedroom for unexpected guests. The secret to mastering multifunctional living? A few space savvy pieces of furniture should do it...we'll show you...

Image of a multifunctional living room with sofa bed, dining area and kids play area.

A dining space

Social hub, study zone, arts & crafts area - the name 'dining table' doesn't really do it justice. Don't have a dining room? You don't have to loose out. Space saving table styles and some clever storage solutions mean you can carve out an eating area in your lounge.

Tips and tricks

the kids zone

It can be hard to keep kiddie clutter from taking over the whole house or turning your living room floor into an obstacle course. Creating pockets of play in your living space will help to keep the rest of your room neat and tidy for the adults to enjoy.

More savvy storage

A guest sleep space

If you don't have a box room, your living room can make for a great sleep space for family visitors and unexpected guests. The key here is making sure that your room doesn't loose its identity, and being a homely living room should take priority.

Tips and tricks

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