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Before you start:If you have a pacemaker, check with your doctor if it's safe to use a microwave. Modern pacemakers are protected against any interference, but older ones could be affected by proximity to a microwave.

What's the difference between standard, grill and combination microwaves?

Standard microwave Shop all standard microwaves

Also known as a solo microwave, these are ideal for basic tasks such as reheating and defrosting food.

Microwave with grill Shop all microwaves with grills

A standard microwave with a grill function that allows you to crisp and brown food.

Combination microwave Shop all combination microwaves

A standard microwave which can also work like a convection oven but with quicker cooking times. It can heat, roast, brown and crisp food allowing you to use it the same way you would your standard oven. Yes, that does also mean you can cook a roast dinner in it (if you get a big enough size).

What is the best microwave for the food you cook?

Type/Cooking ability Standard Grill Combination
Defrost X X X
Reheat X X X
Jacket Potato X X X
Pasta/Rice X X X
Vegetables X X X
Grilled Meat   X X
Pizza   X X
Bread X
Cake   X
Roast Dinner   X

What size microwave will you need?

Family size Food habits Capacity (litres)
1-4 Defrost, reheat, jacket potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables 15-20l
1-4 Defrost, reheat, jacket potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, grilled meat, pizza, cake, bread, roast dinners 21-30l
4-6 Defrost, reheat, jacket potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables 25-30l
4-6 Defrost, reheat, jacket potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, grilled meat, pizza, cake, bread, roast dinners 32l+

What are the different styles of microwaves?

Countertop microwave Shop all countertop microwaves

  • - Generally more affordable.
  • - Easy installation (just plug in a socket).

Flatbed microwave Shop all flatbed microwaves

  • - There's no spinning plate.
  • - A lot easier to clean.
  • - Larger cooking area with the ability to fit different shaped dishes in. This means you can fit a rectangular lasagne dish in with ease.
  • - A lot easier to clean.
  • - More evenly cooked food.

Built in microwave Shop all built in microwaves

  • - Frees up counter space.
  • - Can look neater in your kitchen.

What else should you consider?


The power of a microwave is measured in watts. The more watts a microwave has, the faster it can cook.

Drop down door

The microwave will open from the top down which makes putting dishes into it, and taking them out, easier. The door also provides a handy place to rest your food while it cools.

Antibacterial interior

This can prevent bacteria building up in your microwave, making it more hygienic.

Child safety lock

Will prevent small children from playing with the buttons. They will not be able to start a programme or interfere with cooking.

Caring for your microwave

  • - You should only use microwave safe cookware. Ceramic, glassware and some plastics will be okay, but do not use anything with a metal rim or leave any twist ties on packaging as these also contain metal.
  • - Avoid turning on the microwave when it's empty as the microwaves can bounce off the interior, which could cause damage.
  • - Make sure you place your microwave in a well-ventilated area, leaving at least 10cm space around the sides and back, with at least 20cm space above.
  • - You will need to clean your microwave regularly to keep it functioning correctly and maintain its condition.
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