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Buying your first shaver or looking for an alternative way to de-fuzz? We've got all the advice you need to maintain your facial furniture.

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Choosing the best men's shaver

There's no wrong answer here, it all comes down to personal preference and these different options...

Foil Blades Shop all foil blades

These shavers use moving blades covered by a sheet of foil. The foil has different patterned holes, trapping the hair for the blades to cut. This does create a smoother shave, but the long flat head may be harder to manoeuvre around the contours of your face, compared to a rotary shaver.

Great for:

  • - Fine or lighter hair
  • - Sensitive skin
  • - Straight hair
  • - Quick cleaning
  • - Shaving every day

Rotary Blades Shop all rotary blades

With three round heads, these spinning blades quickly lift and cut the hair. The rotary design gives more flexibility to your shave by adapting to the contours of your face. But it won't shave quite as close as foils.

Great for:

  • - Thicker hair
  • - Normal skin
  • - Curly or wavy hair
  • - Quieter shaving
  • - Shaving every other day

Getting the best shave for you

To lather or not to lather, that is the question.

Dry Shaving Shop all dry shaving

Dry shaving is fast, convenient and easy. Perfectly suited for use on the go, busy lifestyles or quick touch-ups. But they can be tough on sensitive skin.

Wet Shaving Shop all wet shaving

Wet shavers can be completely or partly waterproof, and should be used with shaving gel or foam. This will give you a comfortable shave and more protection for sensitive skin.

Key features of your shaver


Cordless shavers are practical and convenient but make sure you check their recharging times. Alternatively, save time and look for models which you can charge whilst shaving.


Wet shaving helps with sensitive skin, saves time and gives you a smoother finish. But be careful, as only some models cater for both wet and dry shaving.


Removable heads allow you to rinse your shaver. Non-washable shavers will come with a handy cleaning brush. Whereas self-cleaning shavers will automatically sanitise the head but won't remove any trapped hair.


Most models have travel locks that'll stop the razor going off in your bag. Whereas others lock whilst in charge mode or have protective caps.


Many electric razors include an additional trimmer, either built-in or as an attachment, to help you trim and style your look.


This keeps the shaver's blades lubricated and moving smoothly, ensuring they work at peak performance.

How to prevent shaving rash


- Wet your hair and skin before you shave. This will open your pores and follicles, remove any dead skin cells and give you a gentler shave.

- Use shaving foam or gel to hydrate and protect your skin, creating a smoother shave with less irritation.

- Apply a light amount of pressure and shave in the direction of hair growth. This will help prevent razor bumps or small nicks.

- Follow the contours of your face to get as close as possible.

- After shaving, rinse your face with cool water and use a fragrance-free moisturiser. This will keep your skin hydrated and help avoid in-grown hairs or irritation.

- Clean your grooming equipment! Not only is it hygienic, it'll extend your shaver's life and give you the best shave time after time.

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