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With 100 years' experience, Makita is a leading global manufacturer of power tools. Their products are globally celebrated for their performance and quality.

Makita Combi Drill Sets

Combi drills allows you to drill into harder materials without the need for a 2nd tool. They are powered by either Makita LXT or Makita G series battery technology. Each Makita combi drill set is designed to house the accessories and machine within a heavy duty carry case for added convenience.

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Makita Combi Drill Sets
Cut out image of a Makita Li-on cordless drill set with the drill, drill bits and accessories placed infront of the box.

Makita Cordless Power Tools

Makita cordless power tools work where you need to with Makita's LXT, 18V G series and Screwdrivers Cordless Power Tool Range.
Makita's LXT tools are all compatible with the Makita 18v LXT battery, which is intelligent, powerful and lightweight.
Makita's 18v G Series range is a different Li-ion battery platform to the Makita LXT range, and is powered exclusively by the G series battery and charger. This range is high quality and affordable for those using it at home.
Makita's Lithium-ion Screwdrivers are lightweight, compact and powerful and perfect for Home DIY projects.

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Makita Corded Power Tools

Give yourself maximum power for the best job with Makita corded power tools. The range combines industrial build quality with the fundamentals of professional requirements - just minus the price tag. Makita corded power tools suit all users who don't need the features of a high-end, professional machine, just robust and reliable tools to get the job done.

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Cut out image of a Makita corded drill and an angle grinder on a white background.

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