Lazer MAD Competition | Argos

Win a Lazer MAD Blaster Kit 

Up to 10 wireless blaster combinations to build!

We've got 10 x Lazer MAD Advance Battle Ops up for grabs. Lazer MAD is the ultimate laser gaming experience. Build your own Lazer MAD blaster with accessories, which increase the blasting range (from 15m to 50m depending on your built blaster) and change the sound effects. With up to 10 blaster combinations, Lazer MAD features a realistic re-load, trigger button and easy to wear wireless target, allowing you to play Battle Ops or Training Ops mode, creating a perfect game every time!

Lazer MAD blasters include two modes: Battle Ops and Training Ops. Battle Ops allows for unlimited players utilising various boosters and accessories, the aim is to shoot your enemies MAD target to win. Training Ops allows solo players to set targets up to a fixed object and practice their skills. Can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The Lazer MAD Advance Battle Ops pack is the ultimate LazerMAD battle set, including:

  • 2 blasters and MAD targets
  • 2 boosters adding 15m and 20m to your range
  • 2 X-Straps allowing for flexible play
  • A handle for better grip ensuring accuracy
  • A butt stock adding more stability to the blaster

Sound effects and lights guide each player to battle, making for a more realistic laser game. You have 20 lives in battle mode until you're out!

Prizes: 10 x Lazer MAD Advance Battle Ops (RRP £59.99)
Runner up/other prizes: 2 x Lazer Mad Battle Ops (RRP £44.99)

Closing date: 11th September 2018

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