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Gaming for Kids

Need help choosing the right console or games for your family? Don't lag behind, discover the best games for your kids and unlock all you need to know about age ratings and parental controls.

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Two children play on handheld games consoles.

Why Gaming can be great for kids

  • Games like Minecraft can encourage creativity and imagination, letting them build whatever their mind conjures up.
  • Playing together with a family member or friend can also help to improve their team working and social skills.
  • Puzzle games can help with their problem-solving skills, as they have to find the right solution to progress through the game.

Find out more about how to game safely here

Nintendo Switch

Ideal for little ones, Nintendo Switch has plenty of kid-friendly series including Mario and Splatoon. Play it with a TV in the living room, or take it on the go, as the Switch is ideal for car journeys.

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PlayStation 4

Enjoy family fave games on the versatile PS4 and PS4 Slim. The Slim has the power of a PS4 in a lighter package, and both play Blu-rays and have access to online entertainment like Netflix and Spotify.

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Xbox One

The super powerful Xbox One has a wide selection of games for kids, plus exclusives such as Forza. It can also play Blu-rays and supports 4K streaming, making it a great all-round entertainment system.

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Nintendo DS

Not outdone by the Switch just yet, the Nintendo DS is still a great choice for gaming on-the-go, with popular titles including the Pokémon series and Animal Crossing.

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Xbox One X

Games on the Xbox One X look better, run smoother, and load quicker - but you will need a 4K TV to get the full experience. Compatible with all Xbox One games.

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PlayStation 4 Pro

A console of choice if you're after high performance and incredible visuals, the Pro also allows 4K gaming. Like the Xbox One X, this works best with a 4K TV.

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Live the game! Step into a virtual reality world and experience games in a whole new way. You'll need to already have a PS4, and to be aged 12 or older.

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Games Console BUYING GUIDE

Need some more help finding the right console? Our games console guide is packed with all you need to know about the latest gaming systems.



PEGI stands for Pan European Gaming Information. Every game receives a PEGI rating, which defines what age group it is suitable for.

  • 3 - Suitable for children 3 and older. Shouldn't contain images or sounds likely to frighten young children.
  • 7 - Recommended for persons 7 and older. No parental guidance needed.
  • 12 - Suitable for persons 12 and older. Medium parental guidance.
  • 16 - Suitable for persons 16 and older. Strong parental guidance.
A father and son fist bump after beating a game together.
A screenshot from the game Fortnite, of a cartoon man with a rocket launcher.


There's no escaping it, Fortnite is everywhere. Great for children aged 12 and above, Fortnite encourages problem-solving in teams. Concerned about Fortnite? Find out more on playing Fortnite safely.

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Nintendo Switch consoles combined with fun cardboard designs to make interactive toys, such as a keyboard and driving game.


Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost anything. Kids can make a motorbike, fishing rod, a piano, or more, and add the Nintendo Switch system to play with their creation. A great way to inspire invention and creative ways to play.

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Family gaming

The best games for families are the ones you can play together. Luckily, all the consoles offer a number of games that are great for the whole family.

Race to be the fastest with Mario Kart, dance your heart out with Just Dance, and more!

A laughing family play with a Nintendo Switch around an outdoor dining table.

Parental controls are a feature of all games consoles that let you restrict content, usage and permissions.

How to set parental controls on a PS4

  1. From the PS4 home screen press up on the d-pad to get to the functions area.
  2. Go to the settings tab, then click on parental controls, and then on restrict use of PS4 features.
  3. You'll then need to set-up a parental control passcode and from here you can set the level of control.

Click here for more information about PlayStation Parental Controls

How to set parental controls on an Xbox One

  1. Once you've created a user account for your child, you can add them to your Xbox family in the setting section.
  2. Then click on your child's account and accept the privacy setting agreement.
  3. You can then set restrictions for access to content and apps, web filtering and descriptions in One Guide.

Click here for more information about Xbox One Parental Controls

How to set parental controls on a Nintendo Switch

  1. Open up the systems settings section from the Nintendo Switch's home page.
  2. Go to parental controls, then select this console and then restriction level. You'll be given a choice of pre-set restrictions for child, pre-teen, or teen, or custom settings that you can set yourself.
  3. If you choose custom settings, you can restrict certain game ages, social media posts, online features and playing time.

Click here for more information about Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

How to set parental controls on a Nintendo DS

  1. Open the system settings tab from the home screen.
  2. Press the parental controls section and set up a PIN code so that your child cannot change your chosen settings.
  3. You can then set up restrictions on game age rating, online interaction, the DS shop and more.

Click here for more information about Nintendo DS Parental Controls

Playing time

Experts agree that it's important to set limits on screen time. An hour a day is a good starting point for younger children.

Age appropriateness

It's really important to choose games that are suitable for your kid's age. PEGI ratings can help with this, but you should also consider other factors like if a game will be too difficult or too scary for your child.


Game time should always be balanced with staying active. Although some consoles have games you can play on your feet, it's still recommended to take regular breaks and stay active away from the screen.

Online safety

Most consoles have access to the internet and social media. You can limit your child's access to these sites and apps by setting parental controls.

Advice to keep your children safe online

Get free expert advice from Internet Matters on how to make your children's online life fulfilling, fun and above all safe. An organisation dedicated to helping keep children safe online, they offer simple advice on the main issues children may be exposed to when browsing the internet, alongside safeguarding tips for setting up appropriate controls and filters across your devices.

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