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Buying a kids bike online to be delivered or collected in store is easy and convenient - and especially useful if it's a surprise present.
We'll show you how to choose the right wheel sized bike for your child to ensure safe and easy riding from the get go.

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How to measure bike size

Unlike adult bikes, kids bikes are sized according to wheel diameter. Here's how to find the right wheel size for your child.

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Measure their inside leg

With your child standing straight measure from the inside arch of their foot up to their crotch. Note down in inches.

This can be fiddly for little ones, so try this; standing against a wall, get your child to place a thin book between their legs as far as it will comfortably go. Put a sticky note where the top of the book is on the wall. The child can move away so you can measure from this point to the floor.

Convert measurement to wheel size

Inside leg measurement (inches) Suggested wheel (inches) Average age range Cycling ability  
<13" 10" 2 to 3 Early starters just beginning to get
their balance on a bike.
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13"-15" 12" 3 to 4 Beginner bikers using stabilisers. Shop 12" bikes
15"-17" 14" 4 to 5 Confident using stabilisers and
learning to ride without stabilisers.
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17"-19" 16" 5 to 6 Probably confident without stabilisers,
but these can be added if necessary.
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19"-21" 18" 6 to 7 Riding without stabilisers. Shop 18" bikes
21"-24" 20" 7 to 9 Confident riders. There's more variety
in the bike styles available, i.e. BMX,
hybrid and mountain bikes if
they're exploring different styles.
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24"-28" 24" 9 to 11 Confident riders. There's more variety
in the bike styles available, i.e. BMX,
hybrid and mountain bikes if
they're exploring different styles.
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Not sure on their height?

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Moving on to adult bikes

Once your child has grown out of a 24" bike, they're ready to move to an adult bike. These are sized by their frame, rather than wheel size.

See our adult bike guide to find out more.

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How you'll know it's the right wheel size

A few visual pointers to help you know if the bike is the right wheel size for your child.

The right wheel sized bike...

Sitting on the seat, they should be able to touch the tip of their toes to the ground, without leaning to either side. When riding, their legs should be almost straight (but not locked) on the downstroke.

It's too big if...

They can't reach the floor when sitting on the seat without leaning the bike to one side. It's also not right if they are leaning forward and stretching out over frame with their arms locked.

It's too small if...

Their legs are still significantly bent at the knee when on the downstroke of the peddle. They may also have a bend in the arms and ride in a very upright position.


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How to assemble a child's bike.

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