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Whether you have a huge pile of the whole family's laundry to get through, or you just want to get pressed and dressed fast - this guide is here to help you choose the best iron.

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Types of iron

A quick guide to different types of irons and their key features.

Steam iron Shop steam irons

A Tefal steam iron in back and teal.

Not to be confused with steam generator irons, these are the most basic and usually cheapest iron type. If you have smaller ironing piles or iron on the go, these are a great, affordable option.

Why they're great:

  • They're affordable - models available from £10.
  • They're compact - and take up less storage space than steam generator irons.

Look out for:

  • Models with higher steam output (> 50g/min) will get through your ironing with less effort.
  • A steam shot button will trigger a powerful burst of steam - useful for stubborn creases.

Steam generator iron Shop steam generator irons

A teal and white coloured steam generator iron.

More expensive than steam irons but packed full of features, steam generator irons pump out a lot of steam to give a crease-free finish in less time and with less effort.

Why they're great:

  • Better results - More steam = a more professional finish
  • Faster ironing - You'll spend less time going over the same crease and the water tank won't need to be filled as often.

Look out for:

  • Many models can be used vertically to steam curtains or clothes on the hanger.
  • Pressurised generators are more expensive than non-pressurised, but create more high-pressure steam.

Clothes steamer Shop clothes steamers

A blue, black and white handheld clothes steamer.

Handheld or upright, clothes steamers let you quickly neaten clothes on the hanger, without needing to set up an ironing board.

Why they're great:

  • Quick results - Easy to use and no need to set up an ironing board.
  • Delicate clothes - Steamers are the easiest way to remove wrinkles from delicate or fiddly items.

Look out for:

  • Some steamers include a fabric brush to remove lint whilst you steam.
  • Many steamers are ready to use within 60 seconds, perfect for on-the-go use.

Clothes press Shop clothes presses

A white Singer clothes press.

A press eliminates the risk of distorting the fabric and can be used whilst seated. They're also useful if you make your own clothes and want to finish seams.

Why they're great:

  • Efficient ironing - You don't need to turn the clothing as the steam penetrates through both sides.
  • Large surface area - great for effortlessly pressing bed linen, trousers and shirts.

Look out for:

  • Some presses feature pre-set programmes that are suited to different fabric types.
  • Cable length - it will need to be plugged in near a table, so you may need an extension cable.

Travel iron Shop travel irons

A blue and white travel iron.

Need to be crease-free away from home? Whether you're working or on holiday, a compact travel iron is a great option for ironing on the go.

Why they're great:

  • Compact design - Ideal for travel bags - some models have a handle that folds down.
  • Lightweight - Travelling abroad? They won't take up valuable baggage allowance.

Look out for:

  • Dual voltage models can accept two voltage ranges, so you'll only need a plug adapter for your iron to work abroad.

Features to look out for

Top features to help you steam through your ironing pile.

A person using a cordless iron on a pair or black trousers.


Don't be restricted by the positioning of your plug. A cordless iron lets you iron anywhere.

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An 'AUTO-OFF' icon on the side of an iron.

Safety shut off

For added peace of mind - these irons switch themselves off when not used for a set period of time, or if they are knocked over.

The back of an anti-scale iron, showing a removable calc collector.


A anti-scale function will help to prevent and collect limescale, keeping your iron grime-free.

A steam iron in a horizontal and vertical position.

Vertical steam function

Means you can use the iron like steamer, to steam out creases on hanging clothes or curtains.

Someone filling up a steam iron with water.

Continuous fill

There is no need to switch off the iron and reheat when refilling the water, simply refill the tank as you go.

Someone pressing a steam shot button, showing a burst of steam against a black background.

Steam shot

Measured in grams per minute, you can trigger a burst of steam through its plate directly on to fabric to tackle more stubborn creases.

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