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Travel advice for people with limited mobility

There's plenty of help available to make your journey as pleasant as possible. From wheelchair-friendly taxi services to bus passes and airport transport, read on for lots of helpful travel advice.

Travelling by taxi

To find out more about wheelchair accessible taxi services near you, contact your local council. Every licenced black cab taxi in London is wheelchair-friendly and equipped with ramps for easy-access. Taxis and minicabs must also allow guide and assistance dogs into the vehicle unless they have an exemption document.

Travelling by train

Most rail stations are now very accessible for people with disabilities. If you're interested in travelling by train and need assistance, ring ahead 24 hours before your journey to make sure help is in place.

  • Wheelchair users will require a ramp to board the train and, on most services, can reserve a priority wheelchair space.
  • Mobility scooter users will also need a boarding ramp. You may be able to reserve a space on board but certain restrictions from different train operators apply.

If you're eligible, you can apply for a disabled person's railcard to receive discounted train ticket fares. Find out more information at

Travelling by bus and coach

If you're looking to travel by bus or coach, these services must provide assistance to people with disabilities. They might not be able to lift or carry heavy equipment but should be able to help you get on and off if you need it. The National Express allows lightweight wheelchairs and small mobility scooters up to 23kg to be stored in the luggage compartment. If you do require extra help, it's best to let them know when you book your tickets.

You can also apply for a disabled person's bus pass which will allow you to travel for free at certain times. Find out more information at

Travelling by aeroplane

If you'll require assistance at the airport or while flying, contact your airport and airline at least 48 hours before travelling. They'll be able to help you with each stage of your journey including providing transport so you can easily move around, assistance with check-in and support with boarding.

If you're a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, the airline must carry your mobility equipment free of charge but it will be stored in the hold while flying. They'll transfer you into a temporary boarding chair before take-off which will transport you from the boarding gate to your seat on the plane.

If you can walk comfortably around the plane, try to get up and stretch your legs as this can help with boosting circulation and preventing cramps. Most airlines will be able to provide assistance with moving around on the plane.

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