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Argos is working with Age UK Group to offer to offer a select range of products so you can remain independent in your home and be confident that you have the right products and services to support you. Buying these products supports Age UK's charitable work.


Stay connected to the most important people in your life with this easy-to-use mobile phone. Pre-programmed with 2-12 contact numbers for easy one-press dialling. Arrives fully charged with no-set up required. Simple, flexible airtime packages with great customer service.

  • Lightweight and wearable with matching lanyard included.
  • The handset is credit card sized and weighs only 40g.
  • A wide range of colours and designs available.
  • Friendly UK based call centre.
  • Member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610

OwnFone is provided by OwnFone Limited

Collection of Ownfones in red, blue and yellow finishes.

Man holding small hearing aid. Assortment of hearing aids of various sizes and designs.

Age UK Hearing Aids

A name you trust will help you hear the things you love.

Free home or centre-based hearing assessments, carried out by highly-trained audiologists. You'll be provided with a clear, unbiased idea of your choices - whether that's getting a free hearing aid from the NHS or a bespoke option tailored to your personal needs supplied by Age UK Hearing Aids. All this is backed by a low price guarantee, so you can rest assured you won't pay a penny more than you need to.

Request your free copy of the Age UK hearing advice guide to read about the truly unique hearing service based on the latest thinking and how this bespoke hearing assessment goes far beyond a hearing test. The guide is full of helpful advice and useful information that you will want to keep and refer to again and again.

You should never buy a hearing aid without taking advice from an appropriately qualified person. All Age UK Hearing Aid Audiologists are highly trained and fully qualified to practice with the Health & Care Professions Council. (HCPC). You can check to make sure your Hearing Aid Audiologist is registered to practise by logging on to

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610
Call today to request your hearing advice guide or to book a free no-obligation hearing assessment.

Age UK Hearing Aids are provided by UK Hearing Care Management Services Limited

I contacted Age UK in desperation. My hearing aids were unreliable and failed to help with clarity and background noise in particular. The audiologist arrived and gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I had ever had. I was shown a range of hearing aids on offer and how they would help me. I made my choice and they arrived a week later. They were a revelation. The sound was so different and amazing it took a short while to get used to them. By the time the audiologist left, I had a new hearing experience...I am so delighted I contacted the company. Their aftercare has also been superb. Thank you

Richard Phillips

Personal alarms

An easy way to get help when you need it, simply press the Age UK Personal Alarm and connect within seconds to a 24-hour emergency response centre. Supplied with a choice of neck and wrist strap, the lightweight pendant also contains a base unit that connects to your phone socket, a power lead and telecom lead.

  • Press the button to connect to the emergency response centre - no numbers to remember.
  • They will automatically know who and where you are, and whether to inform your chosen contacts or the emergency services.
  • Alarm works both in home and in the garden, up to 50m.
  • Quick and easy to install, by the user, a friend or relative, or a local installer.
  • Save £60 with self-installation.

To use the Age UK Personal Alarm Service, you must have 2 separate people living within 15-20 minutes of you who can become key holders. If you only have 1 key holder, we can provide the service under the condition that you have a KeySafe. The C500 KeySafe can be purchased directly and installed by Age UK Personal Alarms and costs £95.

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610

Personal alarms are provided by Aid Call Limited

Personal alarm with neck strap.

Look and feel of product may vary

Personal alarm with wrist strap.

Look and feel of product may vary

Age UK Bathing

Designed to put the ease and comfort back into bathing, this bespoke range of walk-in baths and easy-access showers are made to the exact requirements of every individual user. Supplied in a choice of finishes and styles to suit your décor, each installation is individually project managed to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can rest assured that all installers and engineers are trained to the highest standards and will treat both you and your home with the respect you deserve.

For total peace of mind, all Age UK's bathing installations are backed by a manufacturer's lifetime product guarantee, with all installation and plumbing work coming with one year warranty as standard.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free no-obligation survey and consultation, then please contact one of Age UK's specially trained advisors.

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610

Age UK Bathing products are provided by Handicare Accessibility Ltd

Age UK installed walk in shower.
Age UK installed walk-in bath.

From start to finish we found the service excellent. The two young men who carried out the work were polite and hard working. They made sure that everything was kept clean and dust free all the time, and we are more than pleased with the very high standard of their work. We were never inconvenienced at any time during the three days they were with us. We would recommend Handicare to anyone who wants a first class service carried out by first class workers.

Mr & Mrs Hosmer, Welling

Age UK Stairlifts

Age UK stairlifts are tailor-made for your home with a range of straight and curved designs. As well as a safe, reliable and easy-to-use stairlift, they provide a comprehensive post-installation package to help ensure your peace of mind. Every stairlift customer receives a 2-year warranty, a 14-day money back guarantee and access to a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week emergency helpline.

Buying a stairlift can be a big step, which is why Age UK stairlifts' offer a free, no-obligation, no pressure home survey and a "low price guarantee" to match any lower quote you have for a similar stairlift with the same level of service.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a free no-obligation survey and consultation, then please contact one of their specially trained advisors.

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610

Age UK Stairlifts are provided by Handicare Accessibility Ltd

Age UK Stairlift with beige seat. Age UK Stairlift with beige seat.

From the first visit through to the installation of the stairlift your service has been first rate. This marvellous thing has given me back the freedom of my entire house, for which I thank you very much.

Mrs M Povey, Nottingham

Age UK stairlift located at end of curved bannister.
Age UK stairlift fixed at right hand size, bottom of flight of stairs.
Age UK stairlift fixed at left hand size, bottom of flight of stairs.

Age UK Scooters

Enjoy your independence with Age UK scooters, the Quingo range is a unique selection of 5-wheel personal mobility scooters. From portable models that you can transport in your car without having to lift to larger 8mph models with a range of up to 55 miles and a 35 stone carrying capacity.

Featuring adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control, Quingo provides superior comfort even on long journeys. Using 5-wheel Quintell™ technology, Quingo provides enhanced stability and the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles. In addition, Kerbmaster™ prevents tipping and eliminates beaching.

This unique blend of benefits combined with Age UK Scooters' 'Blue Diamond' safety assessment and training program means thousands of safe, confident and independent users. They also provide free personal delivery, set-up and training service and a national network of engineers that can offer further maintenance and servicing as required.

Also discover the award-winning Quingo Flyte - the portable you don't lift!

The Quingo Flyte and Docking Station provides a portable mobility system that offers big scooter performance plus the 5 wheel advantage, without having to lift heavy scooter parts. The Quingo Flyte drives itself in and out of your car via a simple remote, yet still has a powerful motor, a large range and a 25 stone carrying capacity.

For more information or to buy call 0800 032 0610

Age UK Scooters are provided by Forever Active

Man driving Quingo scooter.
Folded Quingo scooter being driven from boot of car via remote.

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