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A quick guide to choosing the right car seat and getting baby from A to B, stress free.


It's based on their size

The right child car seat is one that is suitable for their weight and height. Car seats are grouped into categories to help you find the right one for your child's age and size.

Age range Weight range Group Type
Birth to 12-15 months 0-13kg (0-29lbs) Group 0 plus Rear facing Shop group 0 plus
Birth to 4 years 0-18kg (0-40lbs) Group 0 plus and 1 Combination rear and forward facing Shop group 0 plus and 1
Birth to 12 years or 135cm tall 0-36kg (0-79lbs) Group 0 plus and 1-2-3 Combination rear and forward facing Shop group 0 plus and 1-2-3
9 months to 4 years 9-18kg (20-40lbs) Group 1 Forward facing or combination rear and forward facing Shop group 1
9 months to 12 years or 135cm tall 9-36kg (20-79lbs) Group 1-2-3 Forward facing, high-backed booster seat Shop group 1-2-3
4 to 12 years or 135cm 18-36 (40-79lbs) Group 2-3 High-backed booster seat or just a booster seat Shop group 2-3

What's i-Size?

i-Size is the latest European standard that is being phased in. It's designed to keep children rear-facing for longer and provide better side impact protection.

i-Size has not replaced existing laws yet, so a non i-Size car seat is still legal. All our car seats meet the necessery standards.


For peace of mind...

ISOFIX is a car seat fitting system which allows car seats to be fitted more easily and safely, with less risk of incorrect installation.

An ISOFIX baby seat has two bars that plug straight into sockets in your car, and a third support, a leg that stands on the car floor or a top tether that attaches to the back of the seat.

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Want to know more?

Get more information on the different car seat groups and specifications with our helpful buying guide.

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Best car seats

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Portable dvd player

A longer journey will pass much sooner and smoother if the kids have their favourite film to watch. Strap to the headrest or go for personal, hand-held screens so they can watch different things.

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Baby car toys

Brightly coloured and engaging baby car toys often also include mirrors so that babies in rear-facing seats can see into the front (and so that you can keep an eye on them too).

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Car caddy

"It's fallen on the floor" no more! A car organiser keeps all the travel essentials in easy reach for your kids. Pack with toys, drinks, snacks for a fun-filled journey.

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Booster seats

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Children must have a booster seat until they're 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall

High-backed booster seats are recommended for better protection and are suitable for children aged 4+ (Group 2-3). Combination seats (Group 1-2-3) are also available which can be converted to a high-backed booster seat.

A recent change in legislation means that manufacturers aren't allowed to introduce new models of backless booster seats for children shorter than 125cm or weighing less than 22kg.

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