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The big day is coming soon, and you never know exactly when your labour will start. Take some time to pack out a hospital bag, with some essentials for you and your baby (and a few home comforts, too).

Pregnant woman packing a hospital bag at home.

Essentials for Mum:

- Birth plan/hospital notes
- Dressing gown
- Slippers or flip-flops
- Lip balm
- Water spray/travel fan
- Tablet
- MP3 player
- Snacks and drinks
- Sports bottle
- Extra pillow(s)
- Massage oil
- Socks
- Eye mask and earplugs
- Nightdress/pyjamas
- Nursing bras
- Toiletries
- Towels
- Maternity pads
- Breast pads
- Knickers (several pairs)
- Phone and charger
- Maternity outfit to leave in

A young dad hugging and cuddling with his new baby.

Your birth partner might also want to bring some personal items:

- Phone and charger
- Camera and memory card (with plenty of space on it!)
- Snacks, drinks, and change for vending machines
- Change of clothes
- Pillow and blanket
- Tablet, books and MP3 player


We have a handy printable, tickable checklist for you to take with you.


It's recommended you pack your hospital bag 4-6 weeks before you're due. Make sure Dad or your birth partner knows where the bag is and check beforehand what you're allowed to bring, it may vary between hospitals.

Choose a practical bag with plenty of compartments. Some mums like to bring a large holdall or a small suitcase. You may want to bring two - one for you and one for your new arrival.

You may not have a lot of space for bags on the ward, so you could leave extra items in your car boot for your birth partner to grab later. Most women don't stay in the hospital for too long afterwards, so you don't need to bring lots of baby clothes.

Don't panic! If you forget anything essential the hospital will likely be able to provide it, or a visitor can bring it for you.

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