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Delicious fried food, a healthier way. Take a look at our tips for choosing health fryers to find the best one for you.

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A diagram showing hot air circulating in a health fryer.

How do health fryers work?

Health fryers, or air fryers, use hot air circulation to fry food and only need a small amount of oil. This means less fat, quicker cooking and less clean-up than conventional fryers, but with the same great taste and crispy texture.

An open health fryer with chips inside, surrounded by dishes.

What can I cook with a health fryer?

You can of course make classic fried food such as chips, chicken wings and onion rings. Many models also allow you to grill, sauté, roast and even bake.

Health fryer features to look out for

Multiple cooking zones

Make a meal of it! Look out for fryers with two compartments, or dividable baskets.

Pre-set programmes

No guesswork needed. Just add ingredients, pick your programme and let the fryer do the work.

Automatic stirring

Some machines will stir for you, saving you time and cooking food evenly.

Smart controls

Cook hands-free by sending a recipe from an app on your tablet or phone straight to your fryer.

Digital timer

Digital timers can be easier to check at-a-glance. Some have LCD displays or touchscreen controls.

Dishwasher-friendly parts

Some baskets and pots are dishwasher safe, saving you from any oily washing up.

What capacity do I need?

Make sure your new fryer is large enough for you and your family.

Food capacity

Perfect for

0.8kg and smaller

Tasty sides - 0.8kg will cook about four small portions of chips

1kg - 1.5kg

A family of four

Over 1.5kg

If you have a lot of people to cook for

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