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Meet the Google Home family. Two devices powered by Google Assistant, each one ready to respond to the sound of your voice. Get hands-free help with the small and mighty Google Home Mini. Bring songs and playlists to life with Google Home.

Get answers from Google.

Google Home and Google Home Mini are both powered by the Google Assistant, each ready to respond to the sound of your voice. Use your voice to get real-time answers to things you want to know, including the latest weather, traffic, finance, news, sports and more.

Image of a pair of glasses resting on a notebook next to a Google Mini.
Image of a persons legs resting on a table with a park landscape outside of the window.

Use your voice to play your music and stream your shows.

Google Home and Google Home Mini both let you play music from services like Spotify and Google Play Music, with just your voice. When paired with a Chromecast device, you can also use your voice to stream shows and movies onto your TV.1

Manage your day from breakfast to bed.

Stay on top of your busy day and get help with your schedule, commute, travel itinerary and more. Google Home and Google Home Mini are also great at helping around the house. Use it to set alarms, timers and reminders. And as you go about your day, listen to news, podcasts and radio stations.

Image of a Google Home.
Image of the top of a womas's head poking out of the top of a duvet.

Your voice. Your info.

The Google Assistant provides information that's personalised just for you since it can distinguish your voice from others.2

Control your smart home with just a few words.

Use your voice to control compatible lights, thermostats, switches and more from your favourite home automation systems, like Philips Hue, Nest and Samsung SmartThings.3

Image of a Google Home Mini on a wooden sideboard with 2 book at the edge.
Image of 2 Google Home Mini's one in charcoal and the other in chalk.

Choose between different colours.

Google Home Mini comes in two unique colours: charcoal and chalk. Select the right colour that matches your room and personal style.

Works with the products and services you already love.4

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+ Many more

Google Home

Hands-free help from the Google Assistant

  1. Google Home and Google Home Mini are optimised for selected compatible music and video services only. Subscriptions or payments may be required. Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast built-in.
  2. Even if you're using Multi-user and Google Home and Google Home Mini are meant to recognise your voice, keep in mind that a voice similar to yours, or a recording of your voice, could result in Google incorrectly recognising someone else as you.
  3. Requires a compatible smart thermostat and compatible smart light bulbs.
  4. Chromecast or Chromecast built-in device required to stream video content. Subscriptions may be required for some content. Requires compatible smart devices. Google Home & Home Mini require a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible (Android, iOS) mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at

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