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Football Training Drills

Want to improve your game? Here are some training drills and techniques that you can try to improve your footballing skills.


Dribbling drills

Dribbling is all about close ball control and good dribbling ability will allow you to run at and take the ball past other players. You can work on this skill by laying down a row of cones and taking the ball in and out of them as quickly as possible. As your skill improves, try narrowing the distance between the cones, as well as your increasing speed, and you'll soon be ready to take on more than just cones.

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Shooting training

Goals win games and shooting training depends on your technique, power and accuracy. The best way to improve your shots is with a target goal, which has several holes cut out for you to aim at. Set up the ball at various distances and practice your precision, as well as your technique, whether it's using the side of your foot or a 'laces' shot from the centre of your boot.

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Fitness Drills

What you do off of the ball is just as important as what you do on it. Training cones and hurdles are essential for working on your fitness and agility. Use cones to set up relay sprints, where you sprint back and forth between cones to improve the bursts of speed you need on the pitch. Add some hurdles for balance and agility, and follow your progress with an activity tracker.

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Tricks and skills

Adding some tricks to your skillset can be the difference between a good player and a great player. Use a rebound target or return ball to practice the skills you want to master or the moves you want to copy from your favourite players. A good place to start may be with classic keepy-ups - why not see how many you can do?

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Master the art of the dreaded penalty shootout with our hints and tips.


1. When you're taking a penalty, the goalkeeper will be watching your eyes to find out which way you're going to shoot. Look the opposite way that you're planning to shoot to see if you can send them diving the wrong way.


2. When it comes to penalties, placement is just as important as power. Hit too hard and the ball might end up in the stands (or over the fence)! Finding the top corner is usually enough to put the ball out of the reach of the diving keeper.


3. There's a reason why players sometimes move the ball when it's on the penalty spot. Make sure it's placed just right or you could find yourself slipping over, missing the ball, or sending it far and wide.


Get your game face on

- Get your mates, a ball, two goalposts, head to the garden or park and arrange a practice match. Whether it's two on two, or five aside, there's no better way to put your training into practice than with the real thing.

- Don't fancy getting muddy outside? Why not set up your own football gaming tournament at home. Get your mates round, grab some extra controllers and find out who the champion gamer is.

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