Get set for Flush Force Competition. Go Argos.

Win 1 of 5 Flush Force prize bundles

Win the ultimate bundle from Flushville.

Deep inside the bowels of Flushville lurk monsters mutated by toxic sludge. Find them and start your own gross gang of Flushies!

Here's your chance to win a complete bundle of the all new Flush Force collectible range. This is no BOG standard prize.

Never heard of 'Flushies'? You will soon.

Experience flush-and-reveal technology. To see which mutants you have, fill the toilet's tank with water and shake it up. With mutants like these, they may even try to splash you back! Just wipe yourself off and peel the toilet cover away to say hello to your filthy friend.

If the water turns green, you have a rare Clogger! If it turns purple, you have a super rare Unflushable!

Enter now to be in with a chance of winning.

Prizes: 5 bundles of season 1 Flush Force

Closing date: 27th March 2018

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