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What to Expect at a Festival...

First time festival goer? Get an idea of what the experience will be like


A whole load of music

Seeing bands you love and discovering new music are what festivals are all about.

A tent full of laughter

If you're looking for a change of scene, some festivals offer comedy tents showcasing well-known comedians as well as fresh, new talent.


A big kid's paradise – the fairground

Be careful not to fill yourself with food before visiting the fairground! Most large festivals offer traditional fairground rides such as bumper cars, the waltzers and twister.

Activities to keep little ones entertained

Some festivals cater for families and have specific sections for little ones. For example, Glastonbury has dedicated a field just to 'Kidz' activities. With aliens, clowns and bubbles, they are sure to be entertained from the moment they arrive. Hosted by the Cbeebies crew, the huge playground is open from 9am-7pm.

However, not all festivals are suitable for children, but to help you out we've put together an interactive map showing you exactly where all the family friendly festivals are. Check it out here.


And why not take a camera to capture all the highlights and incredible views. 

Food, drink, shopping & stalls

Every bit of food you can think of

Most festivals cater for all diet preferences, so it's time well spent browsing the food vans and stalls. Whether you fancy a quick burger or delicious vegetarian falafel wrap, there is always a great variety of food on offer.


Enough drink to sink a ship...and more...

Just like food, there are plenty of different options to choose from. Whether you fancy a cocktail, a refreshing beer or simply want some water or a soft drink, you will be able to find whatever you want dotted around in all areas.

Life savers and extra bits and bobs to spend your money on

For the shopaholics, there are usually craft stalls selling flower garlands and handmade jewellery. And for the forgetful or unprepared among you, there are normally stalls selling camping essentials, or wellies too. But a festival wouldn't be complete without a stall or two selling official festival merchandise, making a perfect souvenir to show for your experience.


Weird and wonderful array of non-shopping stalls

Most festivals also have numerous arts and crafts, face paints, henna and fortune telling stalls - just to name a few!


After purchasing all of your goods, you're going to want somewhere to put it, right? Check out our selection of bags so you can free up your hands to throw them up in the air and dance like you just don't care. 

Campsite facilities

Freshen up blocks

Some campsites will have showers on site, but for extras like hairdryers you will probably have to pay. Some people will think showering is worth it, but the majority will just roll out of their tent every morning after having a baby wipe shower. Anything goes – and no one will judge.

If you do plan on having a shower, make sure you have a big enough towel that you do not mind walking across the campsite with.

The thrones nobody wants to sit on

There's absolutely no avoiding the port-a-loos, we're sorry. Most campsites will try to clean these at least once a day, but do not be surprised if by the end of the weekend, they are the grossest things you have ever stepped in.

There will be members of staff going around and filling them up with fresh toilet roll and anti-bac gel, but there is always the chance you end up going in the one that doesn't have any. Make sure you carry around some tissues and anti-bac gel just in case.


If you can't stand feeling dirty and need to freshen yourself up, we have just the things for you. Shop our portable personal care range or grab a towel ready to hit those showers.

Now you know what to expect, check out some tips on how to survive your first festival experience. You'll be a seasoned festival buff before you know it. 

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