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Top tips for happy family festival camping

Want to take the whole family to a festival this summer but worried about the logistics? With a little planning, you can help the family enjoy a weekend of amazing music, food and fun activities. We spoke to some super-organised mums who have taken their kids to family festivals, survived and loved every minute of it. Here they share their top tips.

Credit: Bristol Balloon Fiesta

How to choose the right camping spot

Credit: Elderflower Fields Festival

How to choose the right camping spot

"Choose your camp spot wisely!" says Ruth Davies from Rock 'N' Roller Baby. "Too far from the toilets is a mission in the night, yet too close and it's very stinky!" Both Ruth and Emma Asante from My Sidekick and Me also suggest packing portable potties for little ones in case of emergencies.

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Have food and drinks organised

Credit: Elderflower Fields Festival

Have food and drinks organised

Ruth says "You can't keep your car by your tent at most festivals so be prepared to spend money on food and be savvy before you go buying in easy things to store and cook like super noodles, tins and eggs. Also, anything that needs a fridge will have to be eaten on the first morning".

For Jocelyn Reading from The Reading Residence, picnics are the way to go. "Check out the food and refreshments available in advance. If need be, take a picnic and snacks to ensure the kids have something they like to eat, to keep them going and enjoying the fun." For mums and dads, don't forget your flask to keep that much-needed morning coffee hot.

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Credit: Elderflower Fields Festival

Transporting kids around a crowded festival

Moving around crowded festival sites is challenging with excited youngsters in tow. When it comes to getting around, Helen Neale from KiddyCharts recommends a creative approach. "You HAVE to get yourself a little wagon for a festival. Whatever you want to put in - from kids to clutter - they are perfect to carry your kit about the festivals. If it does turn into a mud bath, having sturdy transport, particularly with younger kids, can make or break your experience!"

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Festival fashion for the whole family

Don't fancy a onesie? Ruth Davies from Rock 'N' Roller Baby suggests these fashion alternatives for the whole family.

  • Take your own face paints. Children don't care how good their painting is and even like to do it on each other! It saves a fortune!
  • A capsule wardrobe is very handy. Choose a few key pieces and don't forget a flower garland for the hair and a tutu for little girls!
  • You will find loads of tails on sale in the outlets which are very expensive! All the kids love them and they are easy to make at home. Elastic waist band with a furry tail sewn to it and you're away!

Want to find your nearest family-friendly festival?

Have a look at our interactive top UK family festivals map. There's a choice of small, medium and large venues to choose from based on location, so you're sure to find the perfect venue for your family.

Click here to view our interactive family festival map.

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Family camping essentials

  • Plenty of wet wipes
  • Jelly shoes and wellies - embrace the mud
  • Snacks and drinks in the car for your journey home
  • Fire lighters
  • Calpol sachets
  • Fold away pop up tent
  • Comfy clothes, jeans and layers (including a wind/rain-proof jacket).
Family camping essentials

Credit: Bristol Balloon Fiesta

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