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Don't let unwanted weeds ruin your garden's beautiful look. Our range of weeding tools will help remove those tough and stubborn weeds.

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- Weeding keeps your plants healthy and stops them competing for moisture and nutrients.

- Certain types of weeds can cause skin irritation.

- Once weeds get out of control, removing them could damage your garden plants.

Image of a Spear & Jackson Scarifier


Scarifiers are designed to cut through to the soil, simplifying the tidying up of a garden by removing dead moss and other debris such as grass cuttings.

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Spades, forks and rakes are great tools when used on their own, or as a combination. Spades can be used for digging up soil, forks are great for getting down to the root of a weed, whilst rakes are perfect for collecting garden waste.

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Image of Wilkinson Sword 1111115W Edging Blade
Image of a Pressure Sprayer with Lance


Sprayers can be used for multiple tasks. Mainly they're used to get into hard to reach areas, to kill weeds, but sprayers can also be used to coat plants with protective layer spray to ensure your garden looks healthy and bright all year round.

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Don't try and physically scrub away dirt and grime from your patio area, power away any unwanted mess with a pressure washer in a fraction of the time.

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Image of a Karcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
Image of a Challenge Garden Weed Puller


Be ready to combat any garden or weeding issue with our garden tool sets, featuring a range of tools to help you achieve a garden that will be the envy of your neighbours.

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Image of Garden Being Dug

Dig only where you need to, digging causes weed seeds to be brought closer to the surface so they can get enough light to trigger germination.

Image of Garden That has Mulch

Mulch can block weed seeds from getting the light they need to grow and spread. Covering your soil's surface with mulch can act as a protective layer to keep weeds away.

Image of Hand Pulling a Weed

Always ensure that you choose the best environment to dig up weeds. When the ground is wet, use hand tools; when the ground is dry, slice off the top of the weed to starve the root.

Image of Weed Head Being Cut

If you can't fully remove the weed, chopping off its head is the next best thing. This reduces the weed's ability to reseed and limits the food supply to the root.

Image of Flowerbed

Minding the gaps between plants can help reduce the amount of light exposure to the soil surface. Planting closely together creates shade, reducing the chance of weed germination.

Image of Rain on Flower

Aim to deprive weeds of water by placing a drip or a soaker beneath mulch, this will reduce seeds being able to germinate.

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