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Take to the skies with flying drones piloted by you. Perform stunts and flips, take photographs and shoot videos. There's everything from fun flyers for beginners to high tech machines for pros.

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Fun and Play Drones

Perfect for first time flyers and all kinds of fun and games.

Practice your flying
Take to the skies and learn to pilot. Don't worry about crashes. These drones can take a few knocks.

Basic tricks and flips
Take your skills to the next level. Become a stunt pilot and master incredible tricks, flips and more.

Missiles, lights, water pistols
Add extra fun with flashing lights and shooters. Stage battles with other drones and fight your way to victory.

Flight Statistics

Flight times:

Range from 5 - 8 mins

Flight speeds:

Range from 10 - 20mph

Flight ranges:

Range from 30 - 50m


Basic Camera Drones

See the world from new heights. Snap pictures and shoot video from the skies.

HD camera footage
Capture, record and enjoy your adventures with crisp 720p photos and video.

Live video streaming
Stream live video straight to your smart phone and watch the world fly by.

Stable flight
Built-in flight controls help to keep your drones steady and easier to control.

Flight Statistics

Flight times:

Range from 7 - 12 mins

Flight speeds:

Range from 10 - 20mph

Flight ranges:

Range from 40 - 50m


Stunt Drones

It's time for action! Race across land, sea or water and perform spectacular tricks, races and battles.

Why stick to the skies? Discover drones that can speed across the ground or even over water.

360 degree stunts
More control means more incredible stunts. Spin, flip and turn through the sky with just the press of a button.

Check out our new Star Wars quadcopters. Use high speeds and lasers to battle it out in the sky - it's out of this world!

Flight Statistics

Flight times:

Range from 10 - 20 mins

Flight speeds:

Range from 10 - 50mph

Flight ranges:

Range from 20 - 30m


Racing Drones

Experience the adrenaline rush and fly like a pro with our exclusive range of Air Hogs drones.

First person viewing
Experience drone racing in authentic first person view with the Air Hogs FPV DR1 race drone.

Ideal for first time pilots
With a crash resistant frame and easy stunt button, the Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone is suitable for both beginner and advanced pilots.

Flight assist technology
With automatic take off and landing, and height lock, racing is made easy for first time flyers and professionals alike.

Flight Statistics

Flight times:

Range from 6 - 7 mins

Flight speeds:

Range from 9 - 12mph

Flight ranges:

Range from 70 - 80m


Advanced & Professional Drones

With cutting edge flight and on-board tech, take your drone experience to new heights.

Stunning Camera Footage
Selected drones have stabilisers that keep your camera steady in flight, and some feature full 360 degree camera control.

GPS and programmable flight
Let your drone stay in the air and capture photos and videos by itself with GPS and programmable flight.

Professional Drones
Create flight plans and avoid obstacles with in-built crash sensors. Want to film something that moves? Some drones can track and follow targets.

Flight Statistics

Flight times:

Range from 17 - 30 mins

Flight speeds:

Range from 33 - 50mph

Flight ranges:

Range from 500m - 3miles

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, anyone can fly a drone for fun. You only need a license if you're using a drone for a commercial/business purpose. You do, however, need to be familiar with the law before you fly one. For more information click here.

For safety reasons, there are places you can't fly, such as near airports and crowded areas. The law also includes many other general restrictions, such as flying over crowds. Make sure you know the rules and always check for restrictions before flying. For more information click here.

Flight time will vary between drones, from around 5 minutes on basic flyers up to 25 on professional models. To get more flight, you'll need to purchase additional batteries, which are available from Argos or from the manufacturer. And don't forget that the controllers will need batteries too.

Loads of drones are available, from high-tech models to affordable beginner flyers. And inexpensive drones aren't just for kids - you can get inbuilt cameras and stable flight on drones for under £100. Beginner and intermediate models are great for perfecting your piloting skills before investing in some more serious tech.

Safety and Law

Drones are considered to be light aircraft and their use is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Before you buy your first drone, you should make sure you've read the latest legal requirements for flying a drone.

Here is a summary of UK drone flight regulations. Please note that it is just a summary. We still recommend you read the full CAA guidelines before making a purchase.

A drone must not be flown within any restricted airspace. For details of restricted airspaces, please see this interactive map.

The operation of the drone must not endanger anyone or anything.

The drone must be kept within the visual line of sight of its pilot. This is considered to be within 500m horizontally and 400ft vertically. To fly beyond this distance, you must seek permission from the CAA, as they will need assurance that you can do this safely.

A drone must not be flown over a congested area at any height, and must not be flown within 150 metres of an organised, open-air assembly of more than 1000 people.

A drone must not be flown within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft.

A drone must not be flown within 50 metres of any person except during take-off and landing. It should not be flown within 30 metres of anyone except the person in charge of the aircraft.

You must seek permission from the CAA if you intend to use a drone for any commercial purposes.

Any drone being used for filming will be subject to tight restrictions with regard to the minimum distance you can fly near people or places not under your control. Permission will be required from the CAA before you perform this kind of activity.

Please note that the collection of images of identifiable individuals, even inadvertently, when using a camera mounted on a drone will be subject to the Data Protection Act. This act contains requirements concerning the collection, storage and use of such images. Drone operators should ensure they are complying with any applicable requirements or exemptions.

Further information about the Data Protection Act can be obtained from the Information Commissioners Office website: www.ico.org.uk.

Choosing a drone

Do think carefully about your choice

Think about what you want to get out of owning a drone. There's some very impressive models out there, but if you choose something too complex, you won't get much fun out of flying it.

At the same time, if you have bigger ambitions and want to shoot HD videos and take high-quality photos, then you'll need to make a more serious investment. If you've never flown a light aircraft, you might want to practice before taking something expensive into the sky.

Do check if it's ready to fly

Not every drone is ready to fly out the box. Drones may require some or lots of assembly to get them ready. You must be confident of your technical abilities before investing in a model that needs assembly.

Learning the rules

Do learn the law

As soon as you take a drone outdoors, you'll be subject to UK drone laws. You must familiarise yourself with the rules before you fly. Read the Civil Aviation Authority official guidelines.

Don't photograph or film strangers

Playing spy might be fun, but you're breaking the law if you don't have permission to photograph or film someone.

Don't fly close to buildings and cars

Drones must be kept at least 50 metres away from any building or structure. Some drones are fine to use indoors - check the manufacturer's guidance.

Don't fly over people's heads

You'll want to show off your drone, but flying over groups of people or crowds is prohibited. An accident could result in serious injury. Stay 50 metres away from any person.

Do register your drone if you're using it for work

If you're using your drone for any commercial purpose - like professional photography or filming - you must register with the Civil Aviation Authority.

First time flight

Do check if you're flying in a restricted area

It will be tempting to take your drone straight out of the box and get it airborne, but you have to check if it's safe to fly first.

There are restrictions on flying small aircraft in many locations (especially near airports). If you fly in any of these areas, you'll be breaking the law and putting people's safety at risk. Check for restricted drone areas here.

Don't fly your drone out of sight

By law, your drone must always be visible to you and remain in your line of sight. Official guidelines state that you must keep your drone within 500m of your position and no higher than 400ft off the ground.

Do check the weather in advance of take off

Wet and windy weather can damage your drone and knock it off course. Check weather reports before taking off so you're not caught out.

Practice makes perfect

Don't be surprised if you crash your drone

Flying drones isn't always easy, and while many models come with technology to help you, this in turn can make them more complicated to operate. If you're keen to develop your skills, you may want to choose a lower cost model first to practice with.

Do find out where you need to go for spare parts

Chances are you'll need spare parts and repairs at some point. The manufacturer should be your first port of call:


Web: store.parrot.com/uk

Tel: 0203 481 5677


Web: www.dji.com/support

Kaiser Baas

Web: kaiserbaas.com

Tel: 0808 189 1377


Tel: 0845 459 0747

Red 5

Tel: 0333 577 7334

Don't forget about battery time

Every time you fly, you need to make sure you have enough battery power to fly your drone back and to land it safely. If you run out before then, you could get a bumpy landing. And don't forget that the controllers need batteries too.

Most drone enthusiasts purchase extra batteries to fly their drones for longer. Extra batteries are available at Argos and from the manufacturer.

Argos is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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