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Dining table
buying guide

From classic wooden dining tables to modern glass table tops,
we'll help you find the best dining table for your home.

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Will your dining table fit?

You'll need to measure the floor space you have available, and add extra space for people to pull out their chairs and sit comfortably.

We recommend leaving a space of about 70cm around each side of the table.


Different types of dining table

Fixed/standard dining table

A table that doesn't extend. These come in different sizes and shapes, so don't assume you need a grand dining room to fit one.

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Extendable dining table

Great for small rooms that still need to fit a whole family. Extend the table out for dinner, then pop it back afterwards to regain the space.

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Space-saving dining table

A fixed table with chairs or benches that tuck underneath completely. But still measure your space to ensure there's room to sit.

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Kitchen sets & breakfast bars

Perfect for creating a little dining space in your kitchen. These come as small tables or breakfast bars, usually with chairs, stools or benches.

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The different dining table finishes

Solid wood

Solid wood dining sets will be strong and sturdy, often with a chunky look. Each piece will be unique, showing natural knots and grains.

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Real wood veneer

A great value way to enjoy the look of solid wood. A real wood surface is fixed to a different core material, like MDF. The veneer is smooth and easy to clean.

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Wood effect

Looks like the real deal, but costs less and is easy to clean. You also get a smooth uniform finish across each piece.

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Glass top

Choose a glass top with a wood base for a classic look, or a metal base for a modern look. The glass is made tough, so not even kids' knocks and bumps can damage it.

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Gloss finish

A smooth shiny finish that has a modern look. It's available in many colours and easy to wipe down. Some tables sit on a metal frame.

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This is a tough, durable finish applied to table tops. It can be glossy, wood effect or a solid colour.

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What is MDF?

When dining furniture isn't made with solid wood, the interior is often MDF, a strong man-made material. A finish like wood effect or a gloss is then applied on top.


Should I buy a set, or the table and chairs separately?

Sets offer great value for money, while singles allow you to create your own unique set.

We also sell benches. They can seat more people and you can tuck them right under a table to save space.

Check measurements carefully to make sure chairs will fit under your table, and don't forget chairs need 13cms between them to be used comfortably.


How different dining table extensions work

Centre leaf

Make space in the middle. The extra section is stored neatly under the centre of the table. Pull each end apart, then lift the extra section into place.

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Similar to centre leaf, but with less lifting. The extra section is folded and stored discreetly under the centre of the table. Pull each end apart and then flip and unfold into place.

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Drop leaf

Nice and simple. The extension or 'leaf' is connected by a hinge and drops down when you don't need it. Tuck it out of the way with both ends folded down or use one side at a time.

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Store in style. This large table is super slim when folded. To expand, lift up the extensions and pull out the supporting legs.

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Butterfly storage

Just like a gateleg table, but with chairs that can be folded away and stored inside. It's as compact as a table and chairs can get.

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End leaf

Two extra sections sit neatly below the table at each end. Slide the extensions outwards and up, then lock into place. Slip them back under when finished. Easy.

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Flip top

Watch your table double in size. The foldable flip top is connected by a hinge in the middle. Unfold it, slide it along and voilá!

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End Leg

It expands from just one end so it's super easy for a single person to set up. Pull the legs outwards, retrieve the extra section from underneath, and pop into place.

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Complete the look

Don't forget to check out our range of kitchenware, glassware, and table settings to finish off your gorgeous new table.

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