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Ordering curtains doesn't have to be a dark art. Our ready-made range covers the standard window sizes and comes in a fab range of fabrics.

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Where will they go?

Some fabrics, styles and sizes will suit certain rooms - we'll show you what works best.

Bedroom curtains

  • Blackout curtains keep your room dark - great for summer nights.
  • Do you want your duvet cover to match? We have coordinating curtain and bedding sets.

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Living room curtains

  • Style is important here, so consider coordinating with the rest of your home furnishings.
  • Lined curtains will help keep cold draughts out and block out street lamp glow.

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Kids bedroom curtains

  • A blackout lining will help keep the room cool and dark at bedtime.
  • Choose styles with funky colours or their favourite characters.

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Kitchen curtains

  • Many windows sit above the sink, so you'll need a shorter length.
  • They may get dirty here, so go for a material that can easily be washed.

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Door curtains

  • These can be used at your front and back doors or between rooms to keep draughts out and add extra privacy.

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Curtain headings

How your curtains attach to the curtain pole or track.

This will affect the drape and overall look of the curtains.

Eyelet curtains

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The curtain pole is fed through metal rings that are a part of the curtain material.

Eyelet curtains create large even folds and work well with thicker fabrics.

Pencil pleat curtains

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Plastic hooks are attached along the header of the curtains, these can then be attached to a track or pole.

Curtains have many folds, each about the width of a pencil, to create a ruched, gathered look.

Tab top curtains

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Loops of fabric attach to the top of the curtains and the pole is fed through.

These create a soft drape, but the pole is more exposed.

Curtain fabrics and finishes

The look of the curtains and how they tie into your room decor will be an important factor.

Here are our most popular fabric finishes.

Velvet curtains

Sumptuous with a shine, velvet creates a luxury look that works well in the bedroom.

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Velour or chenille curtains

These materials are similar to velvet but have a shorter pile and less shine.

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Voile curtains

A sheer fabric that creates a light, floaty frame for your window.

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Linen-look curtains

A matte, textured look, these are a great never-goes-out-of-fashion choice.

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Blackout curtains

Block out sunlight or street light glow. Blackout blinds can also be used with non-lined curtains to keep your room dark.

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Thermal curtains

Draughty windows? A thermal lining will help to retain warmth in the winter - they'll also keep the room cooler in the summer.

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Separate linings

If you have non-lined curtains you could buy separate curtain linings. These can be threaded onto the curtain using curtain tape.

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Measuring for your curtains

This can get a little confusing - but don't worry, we'll take you through it step-by-step.

All measurements should be taken in cm.

Step 1: Measure for your curtain width

You need to measure the curtain pole or track, not the window.

For curtain poles measure between the finials (decorative end caps).

For curtain tracks measure the full width of the track (A).

For curtain tracks with an overlap measure the full width and add it to the width of the overlap (A+B).

Now you've got the measurement of your pole or track, it's time for some simple maths...

So you have a good overlap and nice draping you'll need a little extra curtain material. For this 'extra give' we recommend you multiply the width of your pole or track by 1.5. e.g. if your pole is 200cm wide, you'll want a total curtain width of 200 x 1.5 = 300cm.

You'll get 2 curtains in our sets, and our size descriptions are for 1 of the pair, to cover half of your window. To match up with our size descriptions you'll need to halve your total curtain width. e.g. If your total curtain width is 300cm, each curtain will be 150cm. This is the width measurement you'll need to match with our curtain descriptions.

Most of our curtains are available in 3 standard widths 117cm, 168cm and 229cm.
Bigger is better - If these don't correspond with your width exactly, go for the nearest wider option. For our 150cm measurement, we'd recommend 168cm width curtains.

Step 2: Measure for your curtain length

If you have a curtain pole;

  • Measure from the top (A) for eyelet or tab top curtains.
  • For pencil pleat curtains you'll need rings and should measure from these (B).

If you have curtain tracks measure from the top of the track.

Measure to the desired length - do you want our curtains to fall at the sill, below the sill or to the floor?

  • Sill length: Measure to 1.25cm above the sill
  • Below the sill: Measure to 15cm below the sill
  • Floor length: Measure to 1.5cm from the floor

Most of our range is available in 3 drop lengths for standard windows; 137cm, 183cm and 229cm.

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