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The Kari 3 seater blue sofa in Scansi-style living room.


Nautical décor is always 'in' - but it can look different depending on which coastline (and continent) it's influenced by. For us the look is best captured by our own idyllic coastal towns, which have inspired this bright, room-refreshing collection.

It's all in the accessories

The base of this style is pretty simple, in fact any neutral scheme will work as a backdrop - it's the accessories that build up that coastal character. Keep it subtle to avoid slipping into novelty nautical; rope and basket finishes, a coast-dwelling character (spot our favourite sketchy bird ornament), pebbles and shells all help to create that seaside flavour without going overboard.

Drawings about a cupboard.

A note from the designer...

"Our blue Kent sideboard is inspired by the British coastline with its deep inky finish. The blue has been paired with a warm toned solid oak and oak veneered top to create a classic feel with a modern twist."

Mike Allison, Furniture designer

Coastline armchair

Colour palette; think beachy

Let sandy neutral tones be the constant theme throughout your home. You'll use accessories and spotlight furniture pieces to pick out familiar seaside hues. No surprise, blue is your main accent colour and it's those washed-out, chalky tones we're after. As for pattern, stripes are of course a staple. A tip for smaller spaces is to keep the lines thin and vertical to create an illusion of height.

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Favour natural wood...

...over sleek, glossy finishes. This look is all about organic textures, so choose furniture with its natural grain on show. Painted natural finishes work well too. You can DIY to create a distressed aesthetic or opt for a ready made set; we love this two-toned collection - the white keeps the look light and can make smaller spaces feel bigger.

Coastline tableware

Add textures (and tastes) of the seaside

Calm seas are captured by the blue lines on the tableware . A woven rug underfoot tickles your toes like sand. Spot the scallop shells? They've had a scrub and are now quirky cups for rock salt and cracked pepper. Complete your ode to the coast with a menu of simple seafood and a squeeze of lemon (your local chippy counts).

Mix modern and classic styles

Like our beautifully understated Aubrey bed, the big pieces in each room should be timeless in style. Leave it to your lighting and accessories, the things that are easy to update, to reference more modern finishes and trend-led designs. Combining the two creates effortless appeal, and a décor that's easy to update season-to-season.

Coastline bedding

Let light in

If we summed up the feeling of this trend in one word, it would be fresh - and that's largely down to light. The neutral colour scheme no doubt helps to create this airiness, but we also want to encourage natural light in where possible. Try replacing heavy curtains with sheer voile drapes and blinds - they'll catch the 'sea' breeze and flood your room with an uplifting glow.

The 'any-room' accessories to nail this trend

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